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Amazon signs deal with studio producing Disco Elysium and Life is Strange shows


Dj2 Entertainment, the firm that co-produced the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, has been given a first look contract by Amazon to create streaming adaptations of videogames for its Prime TV service, according to Deadline.

In less than a month, Haze light studios announced that it was teaming with dj2 on a probable adaptation of It Takes Two, which would be released in theatres in 2019.

Dmitri M. Johnson, the creator of Dj2, had this to say about the partnership: “…it is truly an honour to have Prime Video as our platform partner.” Our large dreams of telling the finest international gaming tales with no constraints on how high we may jointly strive are supported by a partner who really supports us, as well as our grand aims of delivering the best international gaming stories.”

Game of the Year 2019 by PC Gamer, Disco Elysium, is presently being worked on by Dj2 in the early phases of development. If these projects are completed as a result of this new agreement, Amazon will get first dibs on them.

Videogame adaptations used to be considered a joke, but it appears that we are approaching a golden age of cinematic spin-offs and sequels. While officially an adaptation of Sapkowski’s books, Netflix’s Witcher series is nevertheless closely connected with CD Projekt’s opus and may have had something to do with the recent growth. A number of factors prompted me to raise an eyebrow when I heard that a Disco Elysium show would be broadcast on Amazon Prime TV, but most notably the fact that the game’s plot revolves around a militant labour dispute, and that Amazon has a well-documented history of providing poor working conditions at its warehouses and suppressing union activity. What I’m trying to express is that it’s difficult for me to conceive a project like this without having a negative tone.

My skepticism may be unfounded, and we may see some unexpected hits like the Netflix Witcher as a result of all of these first-look deals and planned adaptations, but I can’t shake the idea that there are a lot of these partnerships and planned adaptations being revealed. Netflix is developing Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed television series, as well as a BioShock film, while Amazon is attempting to have a Mass Effect adaptation done as well. This, along with the continuous splitting of the streaming industry and the development of new streaming services, gives the impression of a bubble.