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Apex Legends Guide: Best Team and Squad Combinations


Apex Legends guide

There are a number of different heroes in Apex Legends, 8 to be precise, from which you can choose your character. With so many choices, players can select an immensely strong team. But going for the best combinations is not easy. This article will tell you some of the best team combination which will give you an edge in the match.

First things first, do not select all fighters in the team. As the old saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Fighter won’t give the extra advantages that a trickster or trapper may provide. Select those characters whose abilities automatically compliment with each other. Following team combinations have been tried and recommend by many pro-players:

Bangalore; Bloodhound; Wraith:

Possibly the best team combination in the game. You can use wraith to detect incoming enemies and Bangalore’s Smoke Grenade ability to trap them. Meanwhile Bloodhound can use Eye of Allfather to see through smoke and by using ULT, he will finish off enemies easily. With Wraith’s Rift ability, you could also transport teammates to escape narrow situations.

Gibraltar: Wraith: Lifeline:

This combination is also recommended by many pro-players. If used smartly, GibWraLine can be unstoppable. Gibraltar can rescue you, if you are stuck between enemies. His Dome of Protection and Barrage of Mortar Strikes abilities can prove to very useful in this regard. Lifeline will be on standby to provide medic services. Being the only medic in the game, he can be a very useful selection. Again, with Wraith transportation ability, you will quickly cover long distance in short amount of time.

Bloodhound; Caustic; Mirage:

BloCauMira is another deadly combination in the game. Mirage can easily divert enemies with his multiple Psyche abilities: deploying 1 clown or team of clowns. Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade makes deadly combination with his Nox Vision. And Bloodhound’s Allfather ability will not only help him see the enemies but he could transfer the vision to Mirage, so both heroes will hunt enemies together.

Bloodhound; Caustic; Pathfinder:

Most aggressive combination of them all. With this team, you can start aggressive and stay aggressive during the whole match. Pathfinder and Bloodhound will locate enemies and you could fast travel towards them using Zipliner. Caustic will blind enemies using Nox grenade and you will be able to finish them off easily with his Nox Visions.

In the end it’s all about team combination and collaboration. Even the strongest teams fall easily when they do not plan a strategy. Share some of your favorite and deadliest combination with us in the comments below.

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