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Guide to Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Gaming 2021


Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Optimization of high-quality settings at good FPS is very essential for smooth AAA gaming. Many gamers believe that they only need the latest Intel/ AMD CPU, 16 GB or higher RAM, and an updated NVIDIA/ AMD graphics card. 

But having all these things only is not enough for a seamless gaming experience. You should pay heed to the settings of your NVIDIA control panel to get more FPS rates and maximum performance. 

In this blog, we will discuss every step of the best NVIDIA control panel settings for gaming along with its installation steps. 

How to Download and  Install Latest NVIDIA Drivers?

It’s very easy to install the latest NVIDIA drivers. The very first thing you should do is to visit the download page of Nvidia’s official website. Then add all your device configurations to identify your device compatibility with drivers. 

Select “Game Ready Option” in the field of Download type for good gaming. If you use your PC for other purposes like video editing and graphic designing, the option of “Studio Driver” will also be suitable for you. After entering all these fields, tap the Search icon. 

The “search” click will take you to the download page, from where you can easily download the latest Nvidia drivers by clicking the download button. 

After downloading the Nvidia drivers on your PC, install them by following these steps.

  • Right-click on the file of the Nvidia drivers and press the “run as administrator” icon.
  • Select the installation option of Nvidia drivers alone.
  • Press the “Agree and Continue” icon to move to the next tab.
  • There, select the “Custom (advanced)” option first and then click on the “Next” option.

  • Select the driver components you want to use. 
  • Then, select the checkbox of “perform a clean installation”. And press “Next” to start the installation.
  • When the installation is done, restart your computer. Then, optimize the settings of the control panel for gaming. 

Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings For Gaming

It’s very important to optimize Nvidia control settings to bring a fantastic change in your gaming. By changing the settings of the graphic card, you will maximize the performance of features. 

When Nvidia gets downloaded to a computer, it starts working to pre-configured default settings. But you should configure your control panel settings yourself to optimize FPS (frame per second) rate. Here we will discuss the best Nvidia control panel 3D settings. 

1- 3D Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings For Gaming

To configure the best Nvidia control panel settings, open the Nvidia control panel. In the control panel, click on the “Adjust Image Settings With Preview”. 

After this, go for the option “Use the advanced 3D image setting” and click on the “apply”. Choose the tab “Manage 3D Settings” and start the configuration. 

  • Image Sharpening

The image-sharpening setting is used to have images of better visual quality and sharpness. It can be done by turning ON the Sharpening, maintaining a sharpening level of 0.5 and film grain to 0.17. Turn ON the scaling option to enable GPU and apply these settings. 

  • Anisotropic Filtering

Anisotropic filtering setting is very effective in the elimination of blurriness from images. All you need is to Turn OFF these settings to remove blurred textures.

  • Ambient Occlusion

Turn ON the settings of ambient occlusion and amp up it up to level 16X. It brings improved in-depth perception of the game by adding soft shadows of the elements.

  • Antialiasing Mode

This mode is effective in determining the application of antialiasing on 3D images. You need to select the APPLICATION CONTROLLED option for better gaming. 

  • Antialiasing FXAA

Turn OFF these settings to improve your game visuals holistically.

  • Antialiasing Gamma Correction

Antialiasing Gamma correction setting is very important to improve the quality of 3D visuals by turning ON gamma correction.

  • Antialiasing Transparency

Keep this setting option turned OFF to reduce the aliases of transparent textures with image edges.

  • DSR Factors

Dynamic Super Resolution Factors play an important role in setting high-resolution images. But it also decreases the FPS rate. That’s why you need to turn it OFF. 

  • Low Latency Mode

Low Latency Mode lowers latency and controls the number of frames before their processing by GPU. Turn this setting ON to lower input lag and higher FPS.

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