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What are the Best Places To See In Poland?


The Republic of Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It’s considered as the center of Europe as it’s situated in the very center of Europe. Many people love to spend their holidays in this beautiful country that has many historical places to visit. Along with the beautiful sceneries, the climate and culture of this country add to the visitors’ interest in this country. Regarding the area, it’s one of the big States of central Europe featuring 16 provinces. The oldest castle in Poland, the biggest and oldest mine of Europe, and many other things make this country world-famous. However, before planning a visit to this beautiful country, one should gain knowledge about the best places to see in Poland

To visit any country or city, safety should be the foremost thing to consider. As far as the Republic of Poland is concerned, it’s one of the safest places to see. Besides some scammers, that can be found everywhere; and pickpockets, this is a safe country to see. One will feel quite safe and secure while in Poland. This is one of those reasons that make this country world-famous for traveling. 

As far as the culture of Poland is concerned, it features an independent family culture where parents give freedom to their children to check whether they’re responsible or not. If you’re planning to visit the best places to see in Poland, this article will prove very beneficial to you. In this guide, you’ll encounter some facts about Poland. Also, you will encounter a short introduction to the best places to see in Poland. Moreover, some tips that are worth considering before visiting any place will also be discussed in the later section. So, let’s move down to explore something beneficial. 

Top Best Places to See In Poland

Poland is a country with a temperate climate. Its climate adds to the attraction for the visitors. Some cities of this country are ideal to visit during winter while others are best to see in summer. Here are different places to visit in this beautiful country during winters as well as summer. 

Best Places to See In Poland During Winter 

1- The Winter Capital of Poland: Zakopane 

Zakopane is one of the top-rated visiting places in Poland. It’s located in the southern region of this country and is surrounded by mountains. This city of Poland is regarded as the center of Golar culture. It’s situated in the Carpathian mountains. These mountains add to the beauty of the city during winters. Due to the soothing scenery in winter, this city of Poland is also called “The Winter Capital of Poland”. 

This city is located at the border of Poland and Slovakia. It’s one of the best places for winter sports in the world. It’s the best place to see in Poland, particularly for hikers. However, those who love the natural beauty will also find this city as per their taste. You can visit the whole city in a single day. At least five days will be required to explore the beautiful sites of this city. One can make his or her day busy by horse riding, playing in the snow, and so on. 

2- Bukowina Tatrzańska: A Beautiful Village in Poland

When you’re in Zakopane, how can you miss exploring the beauty of the beautiful village in Poland? We’re talking about the Bukowina Tatrzańska that is one of the best places to see in Poland. It’s located in the northeast of Zakopane and is just 14km far from this city. It’s also a mountain village that is situated at the border of Slovakia. With hilly sceneries, the Bukowina Tatrzańska falls under the category of the top-rated villages for visitors all over the world. 

When you are in Bukowina Tatrzańska, you can explore the natural beauty by visiting different places in this city. Here are some of the best places in Bukowina Tatrzańska that will make your trip memorable. 

  • Mountain view of Morskie Oko
  • Krupowki street, one of the best places for shopping in Bukowina Tatrzańska
  • Lovely green outdoors of Strbske Pleso

This village also features many festivals. You can plan a trip to this village during any festival. Such a celebration will add to your enjoyment. 

3- Kołobrzeg: Best Sea View in Poland

This Polish city is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It’s one of those places all over the world that offers a beautiful sunset view in the evening. If you’re in Poland, never miss a trip to this city. Along with the sea view, many other places are there in this city that are worth visiting. Here are some of the top-rated choices that can make your day in Kołobrzeg memorable. 

  • Lighthouse of Kołobrzeg
  • Army Museum of Kołobrzeg
  • Pier of Kołobrzeg
  • Mice town
  • West beach of Kołobrzeg
  • 6D museum of Kołobrzeg
  • Ukryta Kraina w Kołobrzeg
  • ORP Fala of Kołobrzeg
  • Cathedral of Kołobrzeg

Along with these places, there are many beautiful sites in this city that will let you explore the beauty of nature. Also, you can have a healthy bath in the Baltic Sea during winter. Also, the sea mud will add to your enjoyment. 

4- Administrative District of Gmina Inowłódz: Spała

Villages of Poland are more beautiful and worth visiting than its cities. Like many other villages, Spała is a beautiful village to see in Poland. It’s situated in the Administrative District of Gmina Inowłódz. It’s situated in the southeast of the capital of Poland, Łódź. One will have to travel 54km from Łódź to explore the beauty of this beautiful village of Poland. 

Here are some of the best places to see while you’re in Spała. 

  • Bunker in Konewka, top tourist trail
  • Spalski park of Spała
  • Rezerwat Przyrody of Spała
  • Holy Grotto of Hubert
  • Bunkier kolejowy of Spała
  • Water tower of Spała
  • Landscape park of Spała
  • Church of our lady Queen
  • Statue of bison

After learning about these places, you’ll find them very interesting sites to visit. However, never plan a trip to these places without having an understanding about them. 

5- Giżycko: A Town in Northeastern Poland

Situated in between two lakes, Lake Kisajno and Lake Niegocin in the region of Masuria, Giżycko is one of the best places to see in Poland. It is one of the top-rated sites in Poland that gives a very attractive view during winters. It’s regarded as the sailing capital of Poland. Along with the above-mentioned two popular lakes of Poland, Giżycko has connections with many other water bodies of Poland. You can say that it is a mini island of Poland that is surrounded by water. 

Being one of the coldest places in Poland, Giżycko features very low temperatures during winters. The low temperature of this city results in frozen lakes. These solid lakes provide very beautiful scenery in winters. This is one of the major reasons that make Giżycko one of the best places to see in Poland during winter. 

6- Białowieża: A Beautiful Village of Poland

As mentioned above, Poland features many beautiful villages to visit. Like many other villages, Białowieża is one of the best choices to explore the natural beauty while you’re in Poland. Situated in the Podlasie Province,  Białowieża is a very beautiful forest village to visit. The top-rated thing of this village is the Białowieża Forest. 

Białowieża Forest is the reason behind the name of this beautiful village. So, one can explore the natural beauty while in the Białowieża Forest. This Forest is located on the border of Poland and Belarus. The Polish government pays special attention to the protection of this forest. So, it’s one of the best choices for visitors while they are in Poland. Tourists can explore the wildlife in this village of Poland. 

7- Ski Resort Of Poland: Karpacz

Karpacz, like many other villages and cities of Poland, is a town located in between the mountains. The lofty mountains of this town make it worth visiting this place during the winter. Along the Mountains, the river flowing through the town of Karpacz adds to its beauty. It’s one of those areas of Poland that offer many winter activities to visitors. The wooden building of Wang Chapel is one of the famous sites in Karpacz. It’s a symbol of Romanesque architecture. If you’re planning a visit to Poland, never miss this beautiful town of Poland. 

Best Places to See in Poland During Summer 

Poland is not only one of the best tourist places in the world for winters but also summer. As seashores are not the best places to enjoy in summer, there are many other rural and urban areas in Poland that will make your summer trip with family or friends memorable. While in such rural or urban places, you’ll love the sceneries of these areas. Here are some of the best places to see in Poland during summer. 

1- Puławy: A Historic City in Eastern Poland 

Puławy is one of the oldest cities of Poland having many historical places. Also, different historical families reside in this city of Poland. It’s a very beautiful city situated on the verge of two famous rivers of Poland, Vistula, and Kurówka. The joining of these two rivers gives a very attractive view. Being the capital of Pulway Country, Pulway is the house for many government institutes too. 

If you’re adding Puławy to your trip plan, never forget to visit the following places. 

  • If you’re fond of historical places, exploring history, or reviving classicism, you should visit Palac Czartoryskich w Putawach. 
  • Moreover, you wanna explore history via museums, you should visit the Museum of Temple of the Sibyl or Czartoryski Museum. 
  • If you’re fond of architects and fun, Dom Gotycki is the best place to visit for you. 
  • For entertainment, park Czartoryskich is the best option for you.

2- Inowrocław: A City in Central Poland

Inowrocław falls under the category of the ancient cities of Poland. It’s regarded as the central city of Poland. This city is famous for the salt mines and is one of those cities of Europe that are rich in natural resources. For the last some years, Inowrocław is earning a handsome revenue m through this natural resource. 

Different landmarks and water towers are centers of visitor’s attraction in this beautiful city of Poland. The mineral towers of this city gave a beautiful view at night through their glow. Built on attractive designs, mini golf and other sports grounds add to the Beauty of Inowrocław. All these things make this city one of the best places to see in Poland. 

3- Zwierzyniec: A Beautiful Town in Zamość County

Like Puławy, Zwierzyniec is also situated on the river bank, Wieprz river. It is one of those towns and villages that are famous for its natural beauty. Over the years, its beauty has been enhanced through many man-made innovations in this city. 

This famous town of Poland originated in the 16th century through the residence of an aristocratic family of Zwierzyniec, hence the name Zwierzyniec. In the era of big screens, Zwierzyniec had been home for the big screens. Many movie and play lovers get their way daily to this city. However, its beautiful parks and landscapes are yet the center of attraction for visitors in summer. 

What To Consider Before Planning a Visit To Any Country? 

Traveling plays a very important role in our lives. Extensive traveling lets us unveil the natural beauty. Also, such adventures help us to learn about the traditions and cultures of different regions of the world. Many people remain active regarding trips to different countries. According to the recent survey, about 62% of Europeans took part in different trips and traveling activities last year. A very famous Christian Philosopher Hans Christian used to say, “To travel is to live”. This quotation by a great philosopher shows how important traveling is. 

However, it’s not wise to plan a trip to any city or country without learning some important things about that particular country. No, you’re planning to visit the best places to see in Poland or any other country, here are some tips that will help you a lot. Make sure that you’ve learned these facts about the country or city you’re going to visit. 

1- Arrange A Visa 

The foremost and one of the important things that will prevent you from many troubles is the visa for the country you’re going to visit. For some countries, a visa is an inevitable thing for a visit. However, some countries are also there that welcome visitors without a visa. 

So, make sure whether you’ll need a visa or not to visit your favorite country. If this is a necessary thing, arrange to purchase a visa. This may take a certain time. Also, different countries have different procedures to apply and take a visa. Move on according to the rules and regulations of your country to get a visa for the state you’re planning to visit. 

2- Make Arrangements as Per Weather

Different regions of different countries attract visitors in different seasons. Some give a beautiful view during summer while others may be attractive during winters. You’ll have to make proper arrangements as per the weather of that particular country. 

Of course, if you’re planning to visit some hot place, you’ll need light clothes. However, if your trip is towards any cold area of a particular country, you should have clothes with you accordingly. So, never visit any place without making essential arrangements according to the weather of that particular country. 

3- Festivals and Celebrations

Celebrations of different festivals add to the beauty and hustle and bustle of any region. Any place will look more attractive during a particular festival as compared to the routine. So, confirm if there is any festival or celebration in the country you’re planning to visit. If yes, wait for it as it will make your trip memorable. 

However, you should take care of one thing during such days that is tickets or passes. If there are some ticket requirements for that proper festival or celebration, purchase tickets. Mostly, these tickets will be available online. So, proceed to get such tickets instead of waiting for an on-time booking. 

4- Learn About Medical Facilities

When you visit any place you should learn about its whole map. You should learn about all the essential facilities that you may need during your trip. Medical and healthcare facilities are one of such necessities. You should learn where you should turn whenever you face any health issues during your trip. If you are fond of any place, check for the medical insurance of that particular place also. 

5- Rules And Regulations

Different regions or states have different rules and regulations for their visitors. Some countries may implement heavy rules while others may treat the visitors softly. However, you should learn about all the essential rules before visiting any place. This will prevent you from any emergency or alarming situation. 

6- Learn About Culture 

Different regions may feature different traditions and customs depending upon the majority. Muslim culture has different values than Christian or Hindus. So, prepare yourself mentally to face certain traditional changes whenever you plan a visit to any region. Try to learn about the traditions of that particular country or region before planning a visit. 

7- Transport Facilities


Some regions of a country may require personal vehicles for transportation while others may have public transportation. Clear yourself whether you’ll have public transportation or personal one. In both situations, prepare yourself accordingly. 

Transportation is one of those things that play an important role in making your trips memorable and enjoyable. Make sure about the routes that lead to your destination. Also, guess about the cost of transportation so that you can manage accordingly. 

8- Understanding About the Native Language

Coordination plays an important role during your visit to historical places. Whenever you wanna ask something from the natives, you’ll have to talk to them in their native language. Except for your native language, you’ll fail to make them learn what you wanna say. So, try to learn some important words that can help you in coordination with the natives. Though English is used internationally, sometimes you may need the native one too.

9- Exchange of Currency

You can’t purchase things in the currency of your country in any other country. You’ll have to exchange the currency with the native currency to pay for anything. So, make sure that you have enough knowledge about the process and shops of the currency exchanges. 

10- Travel Taxes

Some countries may have fixed certain taxes on the arrival or departure of the visitors. Check whether the country you’re planning to visit features such a tax or not. If yes, it may add to your trip expenses. However, without paying this tax, you can’t visit those currently featuring such a tax. So, make sure that you know the thorough procedure for payment of these taxes. This will prevent you from many troubles. 

11- Foods and Drinks

Different religions allow different foods and certain foods are prohibited too. If you’re planning to visit such a country or region that features majorities of people other than your religion, you’ll face certain troubles in finding the foods according to your need. Before planning a trip, learn about the availability of food in those countries. This will prevent you from many issues regarding your survival. 

The information that you’ll gain before visiting any place will play an important role throughout your trip. Proper knowledge and understanding of the culture and traditions of a particular country will help you to enjoy that particular country maximum. Also, make sure what points you’ll visit within a country during your trip. Some of the most beneficial tips are given in the above section. Hopefully, these tips will prove very helpful for you during your visits. 

Final Thoughts

Poland is one of the safest and beautiful countries of Europe that features many historical places to visit in summer as well as winter. One can plan his or her trip accordingly in any season. However, before planning the trip, you should learn about the best places to see in different cities in Poland. Also, learn some important things about a successful trip so that you can enjoy your trip well. We’ve discussed some of the best places to see in Poland either in winter or summer. You can plan a visit to any of them accordingly.