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What are the best places to see in Moldova?


It is a country in Europe, having its borders with Romania and Ukraine to its West and East respectively. Moreover, it is a country to be on the list to visit and is appreciable for its history. It is a country which is very rare and a must-visit by tourists. Further, this place is famous for the Best Wines of Europe. The traditions and hospitality are still present there. Moldova has various landmarks including rivers and valleys. For someone who is planning to visit this wonderful country, we have found out some of the best places to see in Moldova. Along with this, you should also know the traditional dishes of Moldova.

14 Best places to see in Moldova

  • Tipova Monastery , Tipova

It is a wonderful place in Moldova to visit. Travelers have dug it from the huge rocks, along the river Dniester. This Monastery has many complexes but three of the major complexes are the Church of the Feast of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Nicholas, and Horodiste. Although it is in the remote area of Moldova, Tipova is the only place that makes it one of the best places to visit. 

It is said that approx. 20 monks have already stayed under the shelter in these caves. Although each cave has room for approx. 700 monks. The hike from the caves leads towards a wonderful unnamed waterfall.

  • Chisinau, Moldava

Chisinau is the biggest city of Moldova and is also the capital of this country. Further, Chisinau has a lot of greenery, huge parks, and buildings from history around the whole city. It also has several clubs, art galleries, restaurants, spas, and above all casinos! It comes in the list of best places to see in Moldova because of the Orange Pyramid and the Pushkin Park which are among the memories of the Second World War. There are also amazing paintings in the Nativity Cathedral. Further, most of Moldova’s museums are situated in Chisinau, including the Army Museum, National Museum of Ethnography and National History, the National Archaeology and History Museum, and the National Art Museum.

  • Orheiul Vechi , Trebujeni

Just after an hour of Chisinau, Orheiul is located also popular as Old Orhei. It is one of the country’s most beautiful views. It is rich with the culture and significance of history. Because of the numerous events from history by the Old Orhei, a museum is here for visitors to learn more about the country. It’s an archaeological complex with stunning natural beauty.

The River Raut there is open to air complex which features monasteries, caves, fortifications, and much more which to be precise would be two thousand years old. This beautiful place has witnessed many major events such as Mongol’s and Tatar’s invasions back in the 10th century and the occupation by the Golden Horde during the 14th century.

  • Cricova Winery , Cricova

A half-hour after Chisinau takes you to Crciova Winery. One of the best places to see in Moldova. People believe it is the second-largest winery in the world. Moreover, it is one of the best things to experience while being in Moldova. This winery can be popular by another name as “wine city”. As it includes underground tasting rooms, warehouses, and tours too. You can enjoy a tour with the guidance of this wonderful Cricova Winery. A 100 meters below ground will show you how 1.25 million wine bottles look like. Moldova city is becoming famous for its Wine and this industry of Moldova is growing rapidly.  An extensive tunnel system was installed underground, beneath 120 kilometers of complex roadways.

  •  Manastirea Curchi , Curchi

It’s the monastery that has the award for being one of the beautiful monasteries of Moldova. This monastery is complex including 5 churches, monk cells, a refectory, and several abbeys. It has the architectural style of Bessarabia. The center for the complex Mother of the God Church, built by the end of the nineteenth century. The monastery also has orchards for people to have a nice stroll. You will be shocked to hear that the Manastirea Curchi which is one of the best places to see in Moldova was a psychiatric hospital in Soviet Era

  • Saharna , Rezina District

Saharna is the small village of Moldova and is listed among the best places to see in Moldova as it has Trinity the Holy Monastery preserved. It’s one of the places we should not miss visiting in Moldova. The Saharna is the place of natural beauty thus, a nature lover will surely love to visit this place. This place is also popular as a pilgrimage for numerous Moldovans. As people believe that on one of the rocks there are footprints. Saharna is a beautiful place for tourists to visit in Moldova.

  • Transdniestr, Moldova

It’s a small piece of land above the Dniestr River. It’s one of the unfamiliar places in Eastern Europe. It has the republic independent of all. Although this republic is not found anywhere else. The locals there still believe that they got independence during the war of 1992. Transdniestr also has its police, currency, and borders. Transnistria the unofficial capital of Tiraspol is among the oddest looking places one can witness not only in whole Moldova but all over. 

  • Gagauziya, Moldova

Considering the history, it’s one of the places that must be visited and is also considered among the best places to see in Moldova. Even the people living in the towns and villages are Christians, the heritage and the culture there are similar to that of Turkey. It’s further interesting to hear that the Muslim Refugees were their ancestors. They provided Muslims shelter in the area if they agree to follow the other religion. The Comrat History Museum is also here which displays everyday life here to provide more information to the visitors. 

  • Padurea Domneasca Natural Reservation , Moldova

This natural reserve takes us back to the year 1993. And thus the oak tree here is almost five hundred years old. It is in Glodeni. The nature lover will love to visit this place as many species of bird among which the herons which have their shelter or nest made by the river are the most noticeable species among all. It is also popular to be among the best places to see in Moldova.  An area is famous as “One Hundred Hill”, is an area that no one up till now understood. Like how this place came into existence. 

  • Capriana Monastery , Moldova

The capriana houses one of the largest libraries in the country. The Capriana Monastery got its complete construction by the 15th century. It is located among the lush green forests and houses the bishop of Moldova and the first poet of Moldova, Chiprian. The library there was after years of neglect, opened once again and got the symbol, National Revival. While being there one can make stops to visit the oaks tree the oldest reserved nature in the country, Moldova.

  • Soroca, Moldova

Soroca one of the best places to see in Moldova is situated beside the border of Ukraine. The city is breathtaking overlooks the Dniester river. Not only this but the presence of the rivers it made easy for armies to defend their country during the wars and sieges. It is an unofficial capital of Rome, due to the large Roma community living there. The Soroca fortress is an attraction for tourists is worth it to explore it. The mansions of the Roma elite that line the streets of the city center can be popualar as a place to fun walk.

  • Kvint Factory , Transnistria

When a person visits Moldova he can buy some of Europe’s best cognac upon entering the Kvint Factory. The best quality of the cognac is here since 1897. The Kvint factory is located in Tiraspol, the people living there consider the Kvint as a national symbol and its photo is also on the 5 ruble currency note. They are producing about 10 million liters each year and are holding tours for people who sign up there. And give the people a free tasting.

  • Taul Park & Pommer Manor , Taul Village

It is a place in the Village named Taul where one can get to see a lavish park, forest, and Pommer’s manor house. Its construction was during the start of the 20th century. It’s a tribute to Moldova’s architecture and was greatly reverb during its time. This Park is considered among one of the best places to see in Moldova is also the largest park in the country. 

It has a division into two parts that are Upper Part and Lower Part. The Upper Part is the area where manor with footpaths and flower beds are located. While the Lower Part is where you can find various types of trees and each has attributes of a different area. Travelers also say it has 150 different varieties of plants.

  • Codru Natural Reservation , Straseni Distict

Among the best places to see in Moldova, Codru Reserve is one of the oldest and popular reserves of Moldava is located in the center of the country and is made up of Valleys and Ravines providing a breathtaking view. It is home to thousands of species of protected plants, around 145 bird species, approx. 43 mammal species, about 7 reptile species, and much more.  There is also a natural history museum in the reserve which is worth visiting in between solo or guided hikes. This reserve provides an open feeling which a nature lover will enjoy.

5 Traditional Foods of Moldova

Besides knowing about the best places to see in Moldova. Before visiting you should also know about the dishes you should try in Moldova. So here are the dishes that you should not miss out on.

  • Mamaliga

During the old times, Mamaliga was the traditional dish of Moldova. It was a dish for the poor but with time its cornbread version became famous. People are now serving it in fine restaurants and high-end dining. People can prepare it in two ways soft or thick. Moreover, restaurants pair it with sour cream, fish or brinza. And garlic with onion to give a taste of Moldovian cuisine.

  • Racituri

Another traditional food of Moldova is Racituri. It is a clear jelly made up from the meat of pork especially ears feet and pork’s head. It is one of the dishes that are not only popular among the locals but also among the foreigners due to its flavor and taste which is different from all other dishes and found nowhere except Moldova. Do make sure to try this tasteful dish before leaving to visit the best places to see in Moldova.

  • Ciorba

It is one of the popular dishes in Romania, the city of Moldova. This traditional dish of Moldova is a sour soup that consists of a large variety of sour ingredients like lemons, bors, and much more. It is often served with Lovage to add more flavor to the dish. The best part about this dish is that it is also healthy for people if served hot. As it can effectively cure a cold and help indigestion.

  • Sarmale

This dish also appears in other parts of the world but has slightly different varieties than in Moldova. The most common type of Sarmale in Moldova is cabbage leaves or pepper, which is stuffed with seasoned rice, mixed with chopped peppers and other few vegetables. Sometimes the meat is also mixed in the rice stuffing. It is then typically served with sour cream dipping.

  • Placinta

It is the go dish and is widely available throughout the country. It is fried bread filled with different sauces as per the season. The best taste of placinta is found in the villages sold by the locals as they traditionally make the bread.