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Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide


Blasphemous 2 features a large number of optional quests. Most of them involve exploring the world in search of collectibles, while others call for either fighting or platforming expertise. There is still a lot to do before you can say the game is “finished.” Once you’ve done so, you’ll be rewarded with the prayer recitation Seguiriya to the Memory of Your Eyes. This chant temporarily halts time, making it extremely effective against any and all enemies. Learn all about the blasphemous 2 cursed letter guide in this article!

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Find The First Sealed Envelope

This lengthy adventure may only be started by locating the first of five letters. You’ll need to do some careful platforming to get there from the Streets of Wakes. To get to the top-right exit of the Streets of Wakes, head to the area’s northwest, where you’ll find a series of angelic rings. Follow this to a confined space where you can find the first Sealed Envelope.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

To view your first puzzle, open the Sealed Envelope found in the Main Menu under Key Items. In this quest, you’ll find letters with messages that point you in a certain direction and tell you what to do once you get there. When you solve one of these puzzles, you’ll get the following one in the series as a prize.

Solution to Cursed Letter, Page One’s Riddle

There are other options for the enormous mirror mentioned in the Cursed Letter, Page One. The bottom-left mirror in the Two Moons area is the one the letter refers to. From the Two Moons’ bottom-right fountain, head down and to the left to reach the entrance.

You’ll need to use a bell and some mirror statues to complete a leaping puzzle. Follow the red arrow on the map below for step-by-step directions.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

Once inside the chamber with the huge mirror, approach it till you can make out your own reflection. The next step is to crouch by pressing down. You will find Page Two of the Cursed Letter in a new Sealed Envelope waiting for you in the morning.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

Solution to Cursed Letter, Page Two’s Riddle

Page two of the Cursed Letter has a riddle that hints at a location in the City of the Blessed Name, directly above the first entrance to Profundo Lamento. Follow the red arrow on the map to the specific location indicated.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

To your left, there is a big hole that you can stand on. In about five seconds, you will receive the Sealed Envelope with the third page of the Cursed Letter.

Solution to Cursed Letter, Page Three’s Riddle

The “broken bell” in the riddle on page three of the Cursed Letter makes this one particularly challenging. Unfortunately, there are a great number of such items in the Mother of Mothers region, which can be very annoying. The first Prie Dieu in this area is conveniently located near the broken bell you seek.

The secret room mentioned on Page Three of the Cursed Letter is located below and to the right of the Mother of Mothers’ most elevated Prie Dieu. From the Prie Dieu on the roof, make your way to the floor of the large room to the right. Proceed down this long room until you reach its far right side.

Here’s a map with directions; just follow the crimson arrow.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

When you reach the end of the lengthy room on the right, you’ll notice a broken bell. If you hit it three times, a hidden door will appear behind it. The sealed envelope holding Page Four of the Cursed Letter may be found in the next room to the right.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

Solution to Cursed Letter, Page Four’s Riddle

This phase of the journey is much easier than what came before it. If you solve the puzzle on Page 4 of the Cursed Letter, you’ll find yourself in front of Regina’s store in Blessed Name, City. Here, a simple three-time circuit in front of the store’s entrance will do the trick. After that, you’ll receive Cursed Letter, Page Five in a Sealed Envelope.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

Solution to Cursed Letter, Page Five’s Riddle

The final Cursed Letter from Blasphemous 2 has been acquired. This one looks easier than it is. If you follow the clue on Page 5 of the Cursed Letter, you’ll end up at a room overlooking the Sea of Ink, much to the left of Profundo Lamento.

To reach Profundo Lamento from the Prie Dieu in the City of the Blessed Name, descend the ladder on the left. Move past the elevator and down and to the left. You can see a ledge that leads to a precipitous drop off to the left of the elevator on the screen. Below is a map, with a red arrow indicating the route to take to reach the destination.

Blasphemous 2: Cursed Letter Guide

When you reach that point, you must leap of faith! Drop down from that cliff. If you have Cursed Letter, Page Five in your inventory, you will not take any harm.

Following your inevitable screen-based demise, you’ll be greeted by the special message “The curse of the Unforgiven has been lifted.” After this, the screen goes black, and when it comes back up, you’ll be back were you started. You’ll receive confirmation of your purchase of Seguiriya to the Memory of Your Eyes a short while later.


How many endings does Blasphemous 2 have?

Players of Blasphemous 2 have the opportunity to obtain one of two different endings, and here is how they can do it in order to earn certain trophies and achievements.

What is the streets of wakes Blasphemous 2?

You can reach the Streets of Wakes in the early game of Blasphemous 2 by traveling to Profundo Lamento. Several pivotal figures from the game are included in it, most notably Besamanos, Bernarda Alba, and Sagrario.

Who is the boss in Blasphemous 2 two moons?

After defeating Snodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices in The Severed Tower, you’ll gain entry to the late-game region of Two Moons in Blasphemous 2. It is notable for housing the monster Svsona, Fermosa Fembra, who, upon being vanquished by The Penitent One, will grant him access to the cage containing the fifth and final dove via the Mirrored Key.

What is the ending C in Blasphemous 2?

Wounds of Eventide, a downloadable content pack released in 2021, featured Ending C. It involves Esdras and Perpetva, and you can’t proceed to the battle with Esdras on the Bridge of Three Calvaries unless you’ve located Perpetva’s grave.