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Starfield: How to Rename Ship


When making a vast space RPG, Bethesda doesn’t skimp on the ship customization options. Early on in Starfield, you have access to the equipment necessary to construct any ship your imagination can conjure. In Starfield, your ship is an integral aspect in venturing through the galaxy. It’s where you live, where you keep all of your stuff as you learn to use new systems, where you do your research, and where you build things. How to Rename a Ship in Starfield is the Subject of This Article.

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How to Rename Ship

In Starfield, a Ship Technician must be consulted if you wish to change the name of your vessel. The one at the New Atlantis landing pad on the Alpha Centaurian planet Jemison is the quickest and easiest to locate. To the right of the ramp heading up from the landing pad is where you’ll find them.

Talk to them until the option to “I’d like to view and modify my ships” emerges in the chat.

Starfield: How to Rename Ship

After that, you’ll see an overview of the ship. To access the ‘Ship Builder’ mode, press the corresponding button in the site’s footer.

Starfield: How to Rename Ship

The ‘Flight Check’ command can be accessed in Ship Builder via the command bar at the bottom of the screen.

Starfield: How to Rename Ship

To the right of your screen, a new panel will appear. You’ll find the ‘Rename Ship’ command at the panel’s bottom.

Starfield: How to Rename Ship

When you click the button, a text box will appear in the screen’s center. Then type ‘Rename’ when prompted to rebrand your vessel. When you click the button, a new keyboard will pop up where you may enter the new name for your Ship.

Starfield: How to Rename Ship

Keep in mind that you can change the name of your ship whenever you choose without incurring any costs.


Can you romance in Starfield?

Like other prominent role-playing games, Starfield allows you to develop romantic feelings for your traveling companions. Starfield romance isn’t just for show, either; there are real benefits to cultivating these relationships if you want to advance quickly in the game.

What happens to old ship Starfield?

You can acquire new ships via completing missions, completing sidequests, or starting a New Game+. In Starfield, when you get a new ship, the old one just… vanishes. When you successfully steal a ship, your previous vessel will simply take flight.

Can you customize your ship in Starfield?

Whenever you visit a crowded region in Starfield, you’ll be able to find a ship technician near a landing pad. Having access to technicians allows you to trade ships, purchase and sell parts, and pay for maintenance.

Can you sell stolen ships in Starfield?

Once the stolen ship has been registered, players can speak with a Ship Services Technician and inquire about the inventory. The stolen ship can be sold by selecting “Sell” (G on PC) from the inventory menu.

How do I change my ship Starfield?

These ships’ mechanics are common in all Starfield communities with access to a spaceport. Ship services personnel are typically stationed either immediately adjacent to the pier where your ship will dock or in a nearby, unassuming building with the same name. Talk to them and then pick “I’d like to view and modify my ships” to access your ship customization options in Starfield.