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Dave The Diver: How to Find and Beat White Shark Klaus


Dave the Diver features a diverse array of foes, but the great white shark Klaus is among the most challenging. He has monstrous proportions, absurdly high health and reach, and repulsively high damage. The first time I came up against Klaus, I was unprepared and had no idea how I was going to overcome him. You may have to wait several days, even if you complete all the requirements, before you receive another chance to discover the boss. How to win against Klaus in Dave the Diver is explained here.

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How To Find The Great White Shark Klaus

It will be a long time before you can even think about getting this boss if you just started playing Dave the Diver. To begin, you must progress through the main story until you meet a non-playable character named Sato, who will then grant you access to the Marinca app. You can keep track of the fish you’ve acquired and their condition with this app.

Dave The Diver: How to Beat Klaus

When you complete the cutscene in Bancho Sushi to gain access to Marinca and Night Diving, Sato will appear near your boat one night and inform you that a rare boss appears in the ocean on stormy nights. You can dive on these nights to locate a vortex that can take you to a boss fight.

After you have vanquished the aforementioned duo of bosses, a unique mission will become available to you on a stormy day. When the shark event occurs, this is more likely to occur. At the outset of the mission, an elderly lady named Clara will float down to your boat on her makeshift raft.

Dave The Diver: How to Beat Klaus

She will tell you that you can only spot Great White Shark Klaus in the ocean during particularly rough weather. In addition to requesting your help in tracking down the shark, she will reveal that her spouse met a violent end at its jaws. Things won’t go as planned, so don’t expect to call her as soon as you find it.

You can initiate the boss fight by swimming into a white vortex on the same night or any other stormy night. This has a spawning probability of 50% or higher on the far right side of the Blue Hole, however it can be found anywhere between 0 and 50 meters deep.

How To Defeat Klaus The Great White Shark

To complete the Revenge Time side quest, you’ll need to track out the Vortex where Great White Shark Klaus has taken up residence. If you want to see this Vortex, you’ll have to wait till the requisite stormy nights arrive. Once a storm hits, dive into the Blue Hole and start swimming towards the right side, which will eventually lead you to the Vortex you are looking for at a depth of roughly 20-30 meters.

Dave The Diver: How to Beat Klaus

Now when you’re close enough to the Vortex to enter it, you’ll find yourself face to face with Klaus, the Great White Shark. Fighting Klaus, who is among the game’s toughest bosses, will not be simple. Fortunately, Klaus relies primarily on the following three attacks, so you may learn to detect his pattern.

  • To deal damage with his Shark Rush attack, Klaus will charge at his target at high speed. You can only evade this assault by dodging it, therefore you should do so as quickly as you can.
  • Crusher: If you approach too close to Klaus, it will try to headbutt you, which is dangerous because it can deplete your body of Oxygen extremely quickly. Avoid getting hurt by keeping your distance from Klaus.
  • Klaus’s strongest attack is the whirlwind. The shark’s tail can create a vortex of water that it will use to attack you. If one of these twisters hits you, it depletes your oxygen supply. Put an end to your assaults for the time being and concentrate on evading the twisters till they pass.

Dave The Diver: How to Beat Klaus

Eventually, when you get a chance, hit Klaus with long-range weapons to finish the fight with ease while keeping a safe distance. You should also keep in mind that conventional, low-tech weapons are useless against Klaus. Instead, employ more powerful weapons that you’ve upgraded for this fight. The Red Sniper Rifle is a wonderful option due of its vast range.


What is the hardest boss in Dave the Diver?

The Kronosaurus is potentially the most challenging boss in the game because despite having relatively few attacks, one of them is nearly impossible to escape, and all of them can significantly reduce your oxygen levels.

How do you beat the shark Dave the Diver?

To put it simply, you need to keep your distance (so much so that only his head touches the screen’s edge). If you do that, he will always charge at you, at which point you can use your dash ability to avoid the attack, fire your gun, and swim away. I used this strategy to successfully kill him with only minor injury.

What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

Statistically speaking, the Red Sniper Rifle is unrivaled. This monster has the most damage output of any firearm (32 per shot), the longest range (20 meters), and the highest magazine capacity (three bullets). The laser sight makes it easy to target precisely because this is a sniper rifle.

Can you tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver?

The Tranquilizer Rifle or the Adapted Hush Dart are required to calm the sharks. For these weapons, the player must use Dave’s smartphone and the Duff’s Weapon Shop app to purchase upgrades for the standard Rifle and Hush Dart. The Tranquilizer Rifle is the greatest choice because its upgrade is the simplest to create.