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Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pelican Eel


Discover, capture, and destroy a wide variety of aquatic animals in Dave the Diver. On the other hand, not all fish are the same in terms of their evasiveness and difficulty in capture. One such prize is the Pelican Eel, which is both an eel and a level 9 marine monster. The Pelican Eel is virtually indistinguishable from the surroundings due to its brownish-green skin. In order to obtain the Pelican Eel in Dave the Diver, follow the steps outlined in this article.

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How To Get The Pelican Eel Skin

The skin of a Pelican Eel, which may be obtained through hunting or capture, is required for the Steel Net Gun upgrade. After reading Chapter 4 of the book, you will be able to enter the Glacial Passage. Follow the major plot missions until you reach this point, and you’ll be exposed to this region automatically if you want to improve your Net Gun early on.

Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pelican Eel

You can start your search for the Pelican Eel at the beginning of the Glacial Passage. The portal in the Sea People settlement leads directly to the snowy mountain to the right of the Tenzhin’s Palace. Solve the puzzles there to unlock two doors that are blocking the road down.

As soon as you get through the second door, on top of which is a red dot signaling a hostile fish, you will see a dirty brown Eel. The Pelican Eel, if you will. If you only want the skin of the Pelican Eel, catching it alive is entirely unnecessary. Using your strongest weapon, dispatch the Eel, and then press and hold the Space bar to get your reward of Pelican Eel skin.

Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pelican Eel

Due to the rarity of the Pelican Eel’s spawn rate, it may be necessary to make multiple trips to the Glacial Passage in order to collect all three pieces of Pelican Eel skin required for the upgrade. It’s a hostile species that uses shark-like lunge attacks to deal a lot of damage quickly. Avoid its attacks and deal damage to defeat it.

Why Catch The Pelican Eel

The Pelican Eel, like other huge carnivorous marine monsters in Dave the Diver, is a minor nuisance at best. Therefore, you might be asking yourself why it’s worth it.

Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pelican Eel

The Net Gun can be upgraded to a Steel Net Gun by collecting enough Pelican Eel Skin, which requires killing the Pelican Eel. Second, the Pelican Eel is a highly sought-after prize because it can be used to make sushi that sells for a high price.

Tips For Catching

The Pelican Eel is just as formidable an opponent as the Moray Eel. Therefore, using hit-and-run techniques to gradually deplete its health is the most effective way to deal with this enemy. If you can get alongside an Eel, you can use the Triple Axel to great effect; the creature’s massive body makes it easy to land all three shots.

Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pelican Eel

However, once you’ve killed one and harvested enough Pelican Eel Skin, it’s recommended to stick to tranquilizers and nets to acquire the maximum quantity and finest quality of sushi possible.


Where are the pelican eels in Dave the Diver?

Only in the Glacial Passage will you find the Pelican Eel. This is a narrow strip of land that serves as the gateway to the glaciated region. Until you reach Chapter 4 of the tale, you won’t have access to the Glacial Passage region.

Where is the shark Dave the Diver?

To discover the Whitetip Reef Shark, you’ll need to the rightmost area of the Giant Blue Hole, however you might or might not have to go too deep to find him (remember: the Blue Hole changes every time). Even though the shark is rather sizable, he only has one attack—a charge that may be easily avoided by swimming below or above.

What does wasabi do in Dave the Diver?

Wasabi. Dave the Diver doesn’t go into detail about why wasabi is important to the functioning of your sushi bar, but it is. There is a tiny meter in the kitchen area. If you don’t have any more wasabi, you’ll be out of luck in the kitchen.

What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

The Red Sniper Rifle is the best option available from a purely statistical standpoint. This monster has the longest range of any weapon at 20 yards and the most rounds per magazine at three. Sniper rifles are known for their pinpoint accuracy, and this one is no exception; the laser sight makes aiming a breeze.