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Pick Up & Play: Easiest Mobile Games for Beginners



Gaming has never been more popular. Worldwide, stats taken from gaming data hint that around three billion people game regularly. These estimates mean that almost half the human popular enjoys playing a game. While some people might expect the rise of eSports and MMO games might be behind the spike, casual gaming has also contributed to these high numbers.

Compared to highly competitive titles like League of Legends and FIFA, casual games are designed for ease of use and relaxation. In other words, there aren’t any steep learning curves to worry about or difficult gameplay mechanics. Even in the realm of hardware, casual games tend to be more within reach because the vast majority include mobile game variations. 

For example, if you want to pass the time in a waiting room, you can play a game like online slots. Online slots, as casino games, are sometimes clumped under this casual umbrella. That’s because slots like Starburst include a straightforward setup. Players spin the reel and then wait to see if any unique winning combinations are unlocked. The game’s bright display and exciting animations add to the fun, which has made this game a staple since it was released back in 2012.

If you’re interested in learning more about casual mobile games that are easy for beginners to pick up, then keep reading. We’ve listed out a handful of the most engaging and straightforward games on the market.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This charming game has all the necessary elements to keep you happily occupied for hours. In the game, you’re responsible for fulfilling pizza orders in a cute kitchen. As you work, orders slowly become more difficult to fulfill—but this happens at a slow rate, which means you’ll have plenty of time to adjust to new demands. Along the way, you also get to know some of the pizza parlor’s regular customers, adding a narrative dimension that helps add a bit more character to the game.


In Journey, players are treated to a beautiful landscape and a breathtaking design. Here, the action isn’t quite as straightforward as in other games. While the goal is simple (climb the mountain before you), you have a long journey ahead of you. As you advance toward the mountain, you’ll start to piece together a mystery using glyph symbols. This mystery, coupled with its unique design, has made this game a favorite for those who enjoy animated films.

Fruit Ninja

You’ve most likely heard of this game—but here’s why it’s worth a play. Fruit Ninja tasks players with slicing through the fruit as it’s tossed into the air. While it might sound a bit boring or too demanding, players have control over the difficulty setting. And despite the repetitive mechanics, many players say that this game helps them get into a flow. This ‘flow’ state is associated with higher levels of relaxation.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a highly unique indie game that combines the straightforward goals of Where’s Waldo with a bit of digital innovation. In the game, players are tasked with finding hidden objects. But rather than comb over a static image, you can engage with your environment to readjust what you see. For example, players can shake trees to see if anything falls out at certain levels. In others, they can even dig holes.

Plants vs. Zombies

Zombie games tend to be pretty hit or miss. We think Plants vs. Zombies is a great option—it’s been on the market for as long as Starburst, making it a staple. The game’s goal is simple: fortify your home with plenty of flora in order to stave off incoming zombies. Technically speaking, this genre of game is known as a tower defense game, but don’t let that label fool you. Its visual design makes it great for beginners, as the flowers and plants used to guard your home keep the game light and relaxing.

Alto’s Odyssey

Similar to Fruit Ninja, Alto’s Odyssey helps you get into the flow. Rather than slicing fruit, players simply navigate down a mountain by controlling a snowboarder. As they descend, they must avoid certain obstacles while fulfilling other goals. But it’s not just another scroller game. Similar to Journey, this title includes a highly engaging and memorable visual design that makes it a treat to play.