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Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest


The Lost & Found quests in Dead Island 2 offer players the chance to learn the tragic backstories of various victims. You’ll have to consult the relevant diary entries rather than receive waypoint markers for these tasks. But don’t worry if a frantic search across LA isn’t your idea of fun. We’ve put in the time and effort required to make tracking down the missing person a breeze. The objective of the Missing Pablo Quest in Dead Island 2 will be outlined in this post.

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Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

This Lost & Found quest can be initiated from the Serling Hotel’s safe zone in the Ocean Avenue zone. The missing posters appear on a wall close to the entrance to the secure zone. The Pablo quest will become available once you’ve finished a few of the others. The Blue Crab Grill in the Venice Beach zone is where you should go after picking up the quest flier.

When you’re ready to leave the grill, hop the main fence and turn right down the street. Rose’s Tattoo will be located at the very end of the shopping strip. To enter, press and hold the shutter’s left button for a few seconds. Thankfully, as you investigate, that shutter will keep out any zombies that might be nearby.

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

Your mission will change once you enter. Now, “check the Rose’s Tattoo parlor for signs of Pablo, a kid in a Bobcats jersey.” A note reading “Need for Needles” will be taped to the left side of the counter in Pablo’s absence.

In the note, “Muscle Beach Nutrition place” is mentioned, along with a gathering with “Gang Whatsitsname.” First, go back to the street by the safe area and turn off the circuit breaker in the alley there.

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

With the circuit breaker in tow, retrace your steps back along the street towards Rose’s Tattoo, but turn left at the end of the block. The gym you visited during the Giant-Slayer main quest is up the street, so leave here and go there. Muscle Beach Nutrition is located to the left of that fitness center.

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

To reach the parking lot that is enclosed by a fence, you must first round the building. You’ll have to toss the circuit breaker over the fence if you want to go onto the roof. You can throw these out without worrying about breaking them. You can unlock the nearby blinds by inserting the corresponding circuit breaker.

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

After entering, you’ll come across the Protein Take note, primary storefront area. Follow the directions on this note to visit “Doc Marin’s Green place.”

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

If you keep going in the opposite direction from Muscle Beach Nutrition, you’ll reach Gang Green, where you may hang out with the Doc Marin zombie.

To gain access to the building’s rear gate, you must first kill Doc Marin and collect the Gang Green Gate Key. Crack that open, squeeze through the crack, and get inside. The High Stakes note is on the floor in front of the counter, close to where Pablo was killed.

Dead Island 2: Missing Pablo Quest

This note must be picked up in order to receive your Fire Axe reward for completing the Missing Pablo quest.


How do you throw a circuit breaker in Dead Island 2?

To reach the power box, climb the stack of boxes close to the fence and smash it with a curveball or long weapon. The next step is to scale the fence and get the circuit breaker from its enclosure. Toss it over the wall and climb back over it.

How do you start drunk and disorderly in Dead Island 2?

This Lost & Found mission can be picked up on Ocean Avenue. If you are already inside the Serling Hotel, you can use the stairs leading to the safe house to descend to the ground floor. You can now enter the restroom through a door that has just opened.

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

Most Dead Island 2 players agree that the best weapon is the fast-firing Legendary Rifle known as “Bodycount.”

Will Dead Island 1 characters be in Dead Island 2?

In other words, only one of the original characters (Sam B.) will be making an appearance in Dead Island 2, while the rest won’t.