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Himeko Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail


Himeko, from Honkai: Star Rail, has an Erudition rating of five stars and belongs to the fire element. Himeko is the Astral Express’ navigator and a scientist who uses her knowledge of strategy to defeat several foes at once. Using her Ultimate, the Astral Express may rain devastating orbital attacks down on the battlefield. Himeko can be a bit underwhelming at first. Her damage is low compared to that of Seele, and she is not as useful as Asta or other support characters. Read this article for a breakdown of the Honkai: Star Rail himeko build guide.

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Himeko Build Guide

Himeko’s primary objective during battle is to deal maximum damage to the greatest number of foes in order to end the conflict as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important for players to focus on strengthening her attack power by enhancing her Relics and Light Cones.

  • Core Stat Priorities: CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%, SPD
  • Planar Ornament Stats: Fire DMG, ATK%
  • Relic Sets: Firesmith of Lava-Forging (4PC), Space Sealing Station (2PC)
  • Light Cones: Night on the Milky Way (5-star), The Seriousness of Breakfast (4-star), Geniuses’ Repose (4-star)

Many of the DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail use this basic build. The CRIT stat is a must-have for any character that deals direct damage to foes. This will be difficult to accomplish early in the game, therefore players should prioritize boosting ATK until they can obtain Relics that have both CRIT Rate and DMG attributes.

Himeko Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Himeko’s damage output can be significantly boosted by using either Firesmith of Lava-Forging or Space Sealing Station. It is preferable to have a mismatched collection of Relics as long as they have attributes that fit the character’s basic priorities, as the Relics’ individual numbers take precedence over set bonuses.

Light Cones have the alternatives of Geniuses’ Repose and Seriousness of Breakfast, both of which are free-to-play-friendly. The former improves the wearer’s CRIT DMG, while the latter improves their raw ATK, both of which activate on death. Since Today is Another Peaceful Day scales off of Himeko’s ultimate’s 120 Energy cost, it can be a good replacement for these.

Tips For Using Himeko

When facing multiple waves of adversaries, Himeko excels in breaking those who are vulnerable to fire damage and quickly dispatching those with little health. Himeko shines on teams that can reliably breach the opposition’s weak places, allowing her to capitalize with a second blow.

If you’re facing off against more than one foe, Himeko recommends using her Skill on the one in the midst unless one of them has a fire weakness. You should utilize your Ultimate as soon as it becomes available for the extra damage, yet there are times when saving it for reinforcements is the better strategy.

Himeko Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Traces and Leveling Order

Himeko relies heavily on her plethora of Traces. It’s certain that she’ll feel helpless at first, but as her Traces and statistics are optimized, she’ll be able to breeze through easy foes. Develop her abilities in this order of importance:

  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate)
  • Molten Detonation (Skill)
  • Victory Rush (Talent)
  • Basic attack

While Himeko’s Victory Rush is her most recognizable ability, it rarely deals as much damage as her other skills. Although she will continue to rely on Molten Detonation, Heavenly Flare will be employed more frequently to deal with low-health foes in order to take use of its Energy refund effect.

Himeko is best used against single targets if the player quickly acquires Starfire for her other Traces. It gives her an extra damage source by allowing her attacks to inflict Burn for two turns. Since this is the case, Himeko can benefit from increasing her Effect Hit Rate alongside her CRIT and ATK. The Standard, unlocked at Ascension 6, is a priority Trace that passively increases Himeko’s CRIT Rate by 15% while her health is over 80%.

Are Himeko’s Eidolons Worth It?

Himeko Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Himeko, a five-star character, has access to various powerful Eidolons that can increase her attack power, although some may be hard to obtain. On the other hand, she will become more powerful as she advances through the Eidolon levels, especially in the first and fourth levels.

After using Victory Rush, Himeko gains speed, and at Eidolon Level 4, she gains an additional Charge stack from breaking foes, greatly increasing the frequency with which she may use the ability.

Although putting all your time and energy into gaining these benefits is tempting, you shouldn’t. It’s not worth it to buy many copies of Himeko, who has only four stars, unless she happens to be your favorite character.


What is the best relic for Himeko Honkai: Star Rail?

At present, the best Artifact set for the person is Firesmith of Magma Fashioning. Himeko bargains a lot of Fire harm, and the set’s two-piece, four-piece, and five-piece impacts do precisely that. With two pieces prepared, they increment the client’s Fire harm by 10%

What is the best equipment for Himeko?

There is a mark Light Cone for Himeko in the game, which is named Night on the Smooth Way and is the ideal decision as her hardware. It buffs the wearer’s Assault in light of how much foes on the field, the impact piling up to multiple times.

What is the pity rate in Honkai star rail?

It works in much the same way to a Person Occasion Twist pennant: each 10 pulls ensures basically a 4-star thing yet the base chances of pulling a 5-star thing are 0.6%, ascending to 100 percent somewhere in the range of 75 and 90 pulls thanks to the pity framework and the gathering of delicate pity.

What type of weapon does Himeko use?

Known as the Ace of the Far East, Murata Himeko is another Valkyrie accessible in the game. Greatswords are her weapons, and there are 41 unique greatswords accessible.