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Dead Space Remake – How to Use Kinesis


One of the main features offered in the Dead Space series is the Kinesis Module. It’s a practical tool that lets you push and pull large objects away from you without the need to contact them directly. It may feel a little difficult to use this item correctly at first. Kinesis powers are important and useful, as anyone familiar with the gory details of the Dead Space universe will attest. You will learn how to use kinesis in the Dead Space remake by reading this article:

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What is the Kinesis Module?

For the Kinesis Module to work in tandem with the Stasis Module, it must be plugged into Isaac’s RIG (Resource Integration Gear). It bestows upon the suit telekinetic abilities, enabling him to maneuver both heavy and light objects on their planet-harvesting vessel, the Ishimura. Kinesis is a technology that engineers used to create artificial gravity around a module so they can move mining and construction equipment.

The module, fueled by the RIG’s internal energy source, fits on Isaac’s armband. As a result, unlike the Stasis Module, it doesn’t need to be recharged and can be utilized at any time during the game. Kinesis played a significant role in Isaac’s development due to the necromorphs, mutant corpses that besieged the ship.

How the Kinesis Module Works

You can lift and move objects in Dead Space Remake by using the kinesis ability. It’s comparable to psychic powers. Nonetheless, Kinesis is grounded in science and does not depend on supernatural elements. Simply place the mouse over the object you wish to raise and click the appropriate key (the F (PC), B (Xbox), or Circle (PS) button) to activate this feature. After then, the item will fly in your direction and hover there.

Dead Space Remake - How to Use Kinesis

After that, you can move the object and dump it by pressing the Kinesis button once again. That’s not all, though. In Dead Space Remake, the Kinesis Module can also be used to damage adversaries by flinging objects at them. Pressing the Fire/Attack button on the PC (LMB), Xbox (RT), and PS (R1) will accomplish this. This lets you toss objects at your adversaries.

How to Use Kinesis

Aiming with your weapon, you must press the Kinesis button after reaching the Ishimura’s Medical deck to access the Kinesis module. This is the F key for individuals who use a mouse and keyboard; if you use an Xbox controller, it’s the B button; if you use a PlayStation controller, it’s the Circle button.

Dead Space Remake - How to Use Kinesis

Small objects appear right in front of you as you aim at random objects, and Isaac will hold them out. The object falls to the ground when you release the button, but you may also press the fire weapon button to launch it ahead and possibly injure other objects or adversaries. It works well for tossing items at monsters before slicing them into tiny pieces with your weapons.

As an alternative, the Kinesis module is a very useful resource for resolving several difficulties. When an object that is ordinarily immobile has a magnet icon next to it, it means that the Kinesis module can be used to move it. This is an item you’ll use a lot to go across the ship and solve various tasks. You can use the Kinesis module as frequently as you’d like while playing because it doesn’t have any finite charges like the Statis module does.


Is Kinesis unlimited in Dead Space?

Kinesis doesn’t require refilling because its charges are infinite. Note that entering a vending station (“Store”), bringing up your inventory, or bringing up your map will not cause the game to pause. To avoid being ambushed by opponents, clear an area beforehand. Speaking of adversaries, occasionally they will lie down and appear to be deceased.

How do you move objects in Dead Space?

Isaac has the power to fly through space and use plasma and pulse weapons, but his technology prevents him from being able to pass over low-lying items like desks and couches. You will need to utilize the kinesis module (a unique skill) to shift any objects that are in the way of him if they are vertical.

How do you rip off limbs with Kinesis in Dead Space?

After slowing down the adversary using Kinesis, shoot the limb with the Pulse Rifle until it hangs loose. Use kinesis to immediately remove the limb as soon as you see it hanging because there is not much time before it reaches the ground. After that, the trophy will appear.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Space?

In Dead Space 2, you can acquire the Hand Cannon by finishing the game on Hard Core mode. Similarly, in Dead Space (2023), you can obtain this weapon by finishing the game on Impossible mode. It looks like a ridiculously big red foam sports hand that Gabe Weller or Isaac Clarke wear on their right hand.

What is the default weapon in Dead Space?

Throughout most of the game, the Dead Space plasma cutter will be your go-to or default weapon. Naturally, you can’t skip this one because the game forces you to play through it in the first fifteen minutes.