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Dredge – How to Get Aurora Jellyfish


In Dredge, there are many different kinds of fish to capture, and learning how to do so may be a lot of fun. But in Dredge, not much is explained. This is partly because the game aims to be enigmatic and entice you to investigate and explore to solve the puzzle. However, other people are indifferent to all of that and are only interested in grabbing the item to move on to the next exciting thing. You may learn how to obtain aurora jellyfish in Dredge by reading this article:

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How to Find Aurora Jellyfish

Because they primarily traverse the seas at night, aurora jellyfish are difficult to catch. Dredge becomes much more hazardous after dark. If you’re not a skilled angler, more creatures appear, your mind starts spinning, and everything goes south quickly.

Unfortunately, you will have to take a chance on the dangers of the dark if you wish to catch an Aurora Jellyfish. In addition, you have to reach the Stellar Basin. This is one of the most hazardous parts of Dredge, especially in the beginning. There are enormous beasts in the Stellar Basin that can quickly destroy your watercraft.

Dredge - How to Get Aurora Jellyfish

But if you were able to brace oneself for the voyage, you ought to discover Aurora Jellyfish only existing throughout the Basin. These fish are coastal, and they are very widespread. The problem is that a rod cannot be used to capture them.

How to Catch Aurora Jellyfish

Only trawl nets are capable of capturing aurora jellyfish. Since they are not intrinsic, they are hidden inside the Research Tree. The only requirement to access a Coastal Trawl Net is to invest one Research Part. Trawl Nets are concealed in the tab on the right. Dredge is a beautifully made game, and once you’re in the Basin, obtaining a Research Part is really simple.

Dredge - How to Get Aurora Jellyfish

Just go to the Research Station and pick up the two that are laying there. Use one of them to uncover nets, and save the other for later (see our guide on descending fishing). After gaining access to Nets, buy one from the Starlight Pontoon and use it to capture an Aurora Jellyfish. They are necessary for some pursuits and are worth a good amount of coin.


Who should I give the dog to in Dredge?

Alternatively, you may give it to the researcher. Her portrait will be altered to include the dog if it is presented to her. Not only can you retain the dog for yourself, but you also have to chat to the researcher and select “Actually, I think I’m going to keep the dog” in order to do so.

How many endings does Dredge have?

There are two possible endings, and obtaining them is really simple as all you have to do is restore the missing artifacts, which you will inevitably do as the game goes on.

How do you catch glowing octopus Dredge?

The Glowing Octopus can only be caught in Stellar Basin at night, and the slower option is to use a crab pot instead of a fishing rod. Fishing at E3 on the map using a Shallow Rod is one definite way to catch the Glowing Octopus.

Can you still play Dredge after ending?

You will be informed by the game that this is the conclusion of the game, but you can reload it immediately before accepting to go back and finish the journey after seeing how it ends.