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Forspoken – Jabberwock Fight Guide


The Jabberwock appears in Forspoken during a Breakstorm event as a Nightmare boss encounter, unleashing a barrage of monsters on the player while mayhem breaks out in Athia’s surroundings. Breakstorms, which are global occurrences that function as a whirlwind for Frey, are frequently the source of nightmares. In this article, you will learn about the Jabberwock fight guide in spoken language.

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Jabberwock Location

Breakstorms will give rise to giant nightmares such as the Jabberwock, which can appear in several locations. Your best chance of gaining the encounter is to go to the Breakstorm, which is located just north of Opal Hills and somewhat east of the area’s peak.

Forspoken - Jabberwock Fight Guide

The Jabberwock’s health bar will appear at the top of the screen, making its presence highly apparent. Its enormous stature of 82′ 9″ will also let you to notice it from a distance before the combat starts.

Beat The Jabberwock

This nightmare that resembles a beast or horse isn’t very aggressive, yet it can injure you close to home with several of its assaults. It is vulnerable to Frey’s magic, which is great news because she has a ton of strong support spells at your disposal to help you win this battle. Throughout the fight, you can target its eye, a vulnerable place, but you’ll mostly be attacking its legs.

Forspoken - Jabberwock Fight Guide

Arc Slice is a good option when it comes to consistently dealing damage to the Jabberwock throughout the fight. It can also handle the smaller horrors quite well. You can use any assault spell you like to deal maximum damage to the Jabberwock since it is not resistant to any magic. However, Frey’s magic will deal the greatest damage.

Crucible allows you to stun-lock the Jabberwock quite frequently, and its attacks—which include a charging swipe and slam attack—are indicated by either red or purple crosses. To avoid the attack, use Flow. Then, take a few seconds to deal with the other nightmares before resuming the fight. The primary attack to be aware of is a beam that emerges from its eye. If you are behind it, you may escape it; if you are in front, activate flow, take a small step back, and wait for the attack to pass.


Is anything missable in Forspoken?

Remember that events can be missed. An event that you can’t access within a given chapter will probably vanish if you move the plot forward without engaging with it.

Who is the final boss in Forspoken?

Susurrus, the last boss in Forspoken, is thought to be an old demon that the Rheddig called forth.

Does Forspoken have a secret ending?

You’ll have the option to either return home or continue fighting for Athia toward the end of Forspoken. To rescue the realm, most of us probably went for the latter option, but if you choose to return home, your story took a different turn. Tanta Cinta will let Frey know that even after her choice, she still loves her.

Who is the unlikeable character in Forspoken?

When Frey’s personality changes later in the game, you won’t be able to shake the question of why she is unlikeable in Forspoken. However, those who stick with it could find a lot of endearing traits beneath that sardonic surface.

Who is the strongest Tanta in Forspoken?

The greatest and most powerful Tanta in Athia, Tanta Sila, previously led Athian soldiers in defense of the region against foreign invaders. The people held her in high regard for her valiant actions on the front lines, where she shown unmatched strength in combat.