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Everspace 2 – How to Make Money


In the action-packed space shooter Everspace 2, players must transport Adam Roslin, the main character, from his current space zone to a number of different star systems. The unit of account in this spacecraft shooter is credits. Making money is also difficult, just like in any other action role-playing game. Although you will receive credits for completing missions, this shouldn’t be your primary source of money. You will learn how to gain money in Everspace 2 by reading this article:

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Selling Your Excess Equipment

You should almost always disassemble equipment in the early game to find extra parts because you’ll need a lot of them for crafting in the later stages. However, if you’ve accumulated a sizable amount of those resources, think about selling equipment to different dealers.

Everspace 2 - How to Make Money

Don’t forget to consider how many credits you get for selling all of your weapons, modules, and extra consumables. In general, though, save your common stuff for sale and demolish your uncommon, rare, and legendary items.

Buy Low, Sell High

Everspace 2 has a simple, yet time-consuming, trading mechanism that can be very successful. The game offers a vast array of commodities, each with varying levels of demand across different systems. When they notice commodities that are in low demand, players should buy them and subsequently sell them to stations where there is a strong demand.

Everspace 2 - How to Make Money

For instance, inexpensive Cybernetic Implants and Solar Panels are available within the Ceto system. After then, they can be sold for a standard or premium price under the Union system. Additionally, the Union system provides Ramen, Liquor, and Small Arms at a low cost that can be exchanged for a high cost in the Ceto system. By taking this route, players can earn roughly 10,000 credits each round trip.

Explore Everything

Adam Roslin finds himself in a signal that is nearly full with abandoned spaceships, floating treasure, mining nodes, and containers. Gamers that want to maximize their credit-earning potential should take advantage of any opportunity to plunder. Even the simplest containers can hold a sizable supply of credits and parts—it just takes time. This procedure can be sped up with the aid of the Tractor Beam benefit.

Everspace 2 - How to Make Money

Everspace 2 has a ton of rewarding puzzles as well. The ones that lead to the opening of a Secure Container have the potential to yield heaps of credits and premium components. Although they need some time to resolve, they are well worth the effort.

Do Challenges and Increase Renown

Although trials might be difficult, they can also be incredibly profitable. For instance, you will receive 8,000 credits for finishing the Outlaw Hunt II task and 15,000 credits for finishing the Advanced Combat challenge.

Everspace 2 - How to Make Money

As you increase your Renown, you will also receive credits and gear, so always respond to distress calls and don’t forget to take up jobs wherever you can. Your reputation increases most when you complete tasks for either side; but, responding to distress calls has a lessening effect.


How to craft Everspace 2?

Selecting an empty inventory slot and holding down the Menu Action 2 button (defaulted to ‘R’ on a keyboard) will allow you to access crafting. Crafting is not possible if there isn’t an empty slot, although modification is still possible.

What is a high risk area in Everspace 2?

Here, locating a decoded signal has identified a potentially hazardous source of activity. Procedurally created areas known as “High-risk Areas” provide the player with waves of adversaries.

What is the best primary weapon in Everspace 2?

One of Everspace 2’s greatest primary weapons, the Flak Cannon is quite good at destroying enemy spaceships at medium ranges. It is intended to launch burst-fire projectiles, which detonate upon impact and spread damage over a large radial pattern.

Is there trading in Everspace 2?

In Everspace 2, there are twelve different commodities that can be purchased or sold at varying costs at different locations. These commodities include cybernetic implants, medication, and ramen.

Is the gunship good in Everspace 2?

Gunship: Double damage (and energy cost) due to double the hardpoints. Very slow, but makes up for it with a superb hull and shield. Uses primary weapon fire to absolutely melt everything; any enemy smaller than a carrier or destroyer perishes in less than half a second.