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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Get Chocobo


Despite the darker and more mature plot of Final Fantasy 16, you can still obtain a Chocobo mount. Once Final Fantasy 16 opens later in the narrative, riding a Chocobo will make navigating the expansive open field maps much faster. Even though the real-time combat is entertaining, there are moments when you’d just prefer to zoom right past them to concentrate on getting to a side quest marker or a hunting target. You can learn how to obtain Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16 by reading this article:

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How to Get Chocobo

To obtain a chocobo, you must finish The White-Winged Wonder quest. This quest becomes available once you complete the main narrative mission, “Release.” Don’t worry about missing this quest; it comes right after a very clear Point of No Return that the game warns you about. Talk to Rowan, the Traveling Trader in Martha’s Rest, to start the quest.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Chocobo

The objective of this quest is to locate and rescue a specific white chocobo that has been assisting those who are attacked close to Martha’s Rest. Proceed to the next quest destination to find a pack of bandits harassing a small group of chocobos, including the white one in question. At the first destination, look for a white chocobo feather.

It’s not too hard to defeat the chocobo poachers. Flames of Rebirth will quickly dispatch them if you have it equipped and unlocked. Alternatively, eliminate each one of them individually, being careful to begin with the spellcasters in the back. Once you defeat the first wave of poachers, a Huntsman with some Harrier Hounds in tow will show up.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Chocobo

The Huntsman is one of those standard giant axe-wielding enemies that you should be pretty well acquainted with by now. A cutscene where Clive reunites with his former chocobo will occur after defeating the enemies. You will gain Ambrosia’s Tack, 60 Sharp Fangs, 20 renown, and 250 experience in addition to being able to ride her.

How to Ride Chocobos

Here are some tips for using Chocobo mounts that you’ve unlocked in Final Fantasy 16 on your travels through Valisthea. Ambrosia stays in the wild with her flock even though she is reunited with Clive. The good news is that you can call her whenever you’re in an open field area by holding R3. She will then materialize close by and you can mount her by pressing X next to her. It just so happens that since she’s traveling with her flock, anyone else in the party can ride along with her.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Chocobo

Holding R3 allows you to dismount, but doing so usually causes Ambrosia to vanish right away. You will then need to hold R3 to summon her again. Additionally, there are times when Clive will get off the horse on his own. This can happen when you’re on a story quest, when you’ve come across a monster to hunt, or when you get to a point where he says he can just walk away. Additionally, when in a village area like Martha’s Rest or Lostwing, you are unable to summon Ambrosia.

You can use L2 to slow down and rein in or hold R2 to accelerate traversal while riding Ambrosia by galloping. However, the primary advantage of using a chocobo mount is that it allows you to move through the open fields more quickly and, consequently, avoid a lot of combat. Though some may catch up to you and dismount Clive, make sure to gallop past them!

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Chocobo

You can use X to jump while riding Ambrosia and Square to attack enemies, though the damage isn’t very effective unless you’re up against very low-level foes. The prompts aren’t displayed on the screen. It emphasizes once more that mounts are meant for rapid traversal.


Can you get a mount in Final Fantasy 16?

Despite the darker and more mature plot of Final Fantasy 16, you can still obtain a chocobo mount. Once Final Fantasy 16 opens later in the narrative, riding a chocobo will make navigating the expansive open field maps much faster.

Can you miss the chocobo in ff16?

In Final Fantasy 16, a side quest leads to Chocobos. It’s interesting to note that in Final Fantasy 16, getting a Chocobo mount is an optional side quest that, with enough care, can be overlooked entirely.

What is the strongest weapon in ff16?

Among these, Ultima Weapon stands out the most as it is a sword exclusive to the Final Fantasy mode that is far superior to all other swords in the game. With an unstoppable 700 Attack and Break stat, Ultima Weapon is without a doubt the best weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

How do you get Excalibur in FF16?

Excalibur must be crafted in order to be unlocked during the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” side-quest, which you can get from Blackthorne the Blacksmith at the Hideaway sometime during the “Out of the Shadow” main story quest. Naturally, finishing the first quest will be necessary to unlock this optional one.

Is there any Romance in FF16?

Though the storyline of Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be darker and more mature, there will still be romantic themes present.