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Forspoken – How to Beat The Apsaravis


Forspoken has a secret boss named Apsaravis. This dragon-bird hybrid can be found in a far-off area in the extreme north of the globe map called Nowhere, which also happens to include a number of leaping puzzles. Depending on which of the abominations you are facing, your playstyle will change because each one will have attacks based on a distinct element. Junoon’s monstrosity, Apsaravis, is able to fly. You may learn how to defeat the apsaravis in Forspoken by reading this article:

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Apsaravis Boss Battle Strategy

Since Apsaravis can fly, as was previously explained, there may be many times during the fight when you are laying on the ground doing nothing. Although you can utilize Zip to get closer to the action, doing so will just make things more difficult. You can finish the fight without joining the monstrosity in the air.

Forspoken - How to Beat The Apsaravis

The most important thing to remember going into the battle is that Apsaravis is extremely resistant to Olas’ Green Magic, but it will take a lot of damage when struck by Prav’s Blue Magic. Because the abomination is weak against it, you should try to utilize it as frequently as you can. One of your best weapons will be Chain Bolt, especially if you use it to attack when Apsaravis is in the air.

Where to Find Apsaravis

Out of the four, Apsaravis is most likely the most difficult to locate monster. You will need to locate Nowhere’s hidden location in order to access this boss battle. Crosstide Coast is where you must first go in order to reach Nowhere.

Forspoken - How to Beat The Apsaravis

You will need to use Glide to cross the river, so look for it to the east, which will indicate a jumping chance. You’ll reach Farcoast Terrace by following this.

Forspoken - How to Beat The Apsaravis

Once you make it through the gauntlet-style jumping problems on Farcoast Terrace, you’ll find another way that leads to Nowhere, a different place that is lower down and closer to the water. You can reach by using your mobility talents. You won’t have any trouble running into Apsaravis once you arrive at Nowhere because it is a pretty small place.

Asparavis Rewards

Forspoken - How to Beat The Apsaravis

You will be rewarded for your difficult ordeal with a set of nails, just like in all prior Abomination fights. You will be able to access the Escalate nail design after defeating Apsaravis.


How do you beat the final boss in Forspoken?

Cinta and Frey will be attacked by hundreds of damage-dealing birds that Susurrus will unleash. Use the dragon’s fire breath by holding R2 to dispatch the birds in order to defeat them. Susurrus will occasionally reappear in the fight as a sphere-like creature; make careful to deal with him with fire attacks until all of his health is gone.

What is the invisible spell in Forspoken?

Until you move, the enemy cannot see Frey because of the support spell Suppression. Since it resembles one of Senseless Savant’s skills, it is only available after the end of Chapter 11 and is thus a component of Olas’s Magic.

Can you explore after beating Forspoken?

After the credits have rolled, players can continue to explore the expansive open world of Forspoken and use their spells and talents to complete any side content they may have missed prior to defeating the game.

What is the most powerful cloak in Forspoken?

The Unbroken cloak has three distinct buffs: like the Pereline cloak, critical hits also heal Frey’s health. Cuff counters and critical hits both accelerate the rate at which Surge magic recharges.

What is the max level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99. We cover the best ways to level up in Forspoken rapidly on this page.

Can you romance in Forspoken?

Romance enthusiasts, the answer is no. The game has absolutely no romance. It’s not going to happen, even though you might be shipping Frey with Auden, whom she originally writes off as a peasant girl. As the game goes on, she grows as a person, but romance isn’t in the cards.