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Wild West Dynasty – How to Find Your First Gun


The goal of Wild West Dynasty is to become a gunslinger and cowboy, and having a revolver is essential to that goal. We will guide you through the process of locating your first colt in the game. Nevertheless, you have to hike over the terrain to find Ed and then the town of Taxation. We can assist you in obtaining a gun if you need it. You can learn how to obtain your first firearm in the Wild West Dynasty by reading this article:

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Required Materials

The requirements are simple to find your first firearm. After you and your mother have completed the section, you should proceed to Ed’s Farm. He will now assign you some chores that function as a brief instruction. Making a stone axe out of the following materials will be one of your jobs.

  • 3x Stick
  • 1x Stone

Wild West Dynasty - How to Find Your First Gun

When the axe is finished, Ed will give you instructions to destroy his barn. You are prepared to locate the gun now that you have the axe.

How to Find Your First Gun

The gun will be located behind a wooden door that is shut in Hancock’s Cave. Look toward the cave from Ed’s Farm. Proceed directly toward the cave, entering from the back (or whatever entrance you used when you originally went in with your mother).

Wild West Dynasty - How to Find Your First Gun

You will come upon a wooden door as you proceed through the cave passage; use your axe to smash it down and gain entry. You’ll find a rifle close by and a skeleton inside. It appears to be a trap, but you can just take the rifle and run.

You have a gun now! Ammo is not available, however it can be found later. Make sure to take everything, including the cap the skeleton is wearing, before you exit the small space.


What is the cheapest gun in the Wild West?

Players receive the Peacekeeper Revolver for free when they sign up for the game, making it the least expensive revolver available. It is a conventional sidearm, a revolver with a single action. For high speed, it can be fanned at the expense of accuracy.

Is Wild West Dynasty open world?

Discover an uncharted territory, journey on foot or by horseback, and encounter distinct settings brimming with perils, riches, mysteries, and ample room to fulfill your aspirations of constructing a metropolis. Come into this incredibly thrilling era and rule the Wild West.

How do you place a bed in Wild West dynasty?

You can also put furniture within your home. You can craft furniture by choosing the furniture option from the crafting menu, which is accessible by pressing ‘I’. Press ‘B’ after entering your home once a piece of furniture has been crafted. You will be able to place furniture inside after this opens your furniture inventory.

How to make money in Wild West?

In The Wild West, there are presently six ways to make money: wood cutting, mining, stealing, hunting, bounty hunting, and joining a job. With the exception of the Mayor position, every job offers the player financial compensation.