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Graphics Improvements Are Coming to GTA 5 and GTA Online Via a PS5 Patch


In the latter part of this month, Rockstar will add raytraced reflections to the Fidelity Mode of the extravagant PlayStation 5 remaster of Grand Theft Auto 5, making the city of Los Santos appear more gorgeous than it ever has before. This feature will be available in the single-player campaign as well as the multiplayer mode GTA Online, which is also getting a whole bunch of its own quality of life updates. Players will be able to access it both in the single-player campaign as well as in GTA Online.

The planned changes will include a variety of player-requested additions to the game in response to their feedback and suggestions. Among these are the capabilities of filtering contacts on your iFruit smartphone and of gaining access to automobiles that have been purchased in a lot more expedient manner. In addition, users will be able to take on Casino Story Missions on their own, and the developer of the enormously popular online game is giving it an overall makeover to make it more appealing to gamers.

Additionally, the record label will be readjusting the economy of the release, as well as raising the value of Shark Card purchases by somewhere between twenty-five and twenty-seven percent. This indicates that you will receive a noticeably increased amount of virtual value for each and every monetary unit that you spend in the real world. Later on this month, a significant update that will be delivered in multiple parts will plot the return of “familiar faces and a new troupe of ambitious misfits on a quest to expand the brains of the residents of Los Santos.” This update will be issued. More information about “very soon” to come regarding that subject.