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How To Beat The Heir in Tunic


Even though it looks like something out of a cartoon, the world of Tunic nonetheless has its share of difficult situations. If the player is going to be successful in overcoming everything that the game has in store for them, they are going to require every upgrade and piece of equipment that they can locate. However, having the proper equipment on your person isn’t enough—the player also needs the knowledge and abilities to make the most of the tools at their disposal.

The most difficult obstacles to overcome in Tunic are the game’s bosses, and the Heir, the game’s ultimate adversary, is by far the most dangerous of the lot. This Big Bad can be defeated in a variety of ways, much like the other bosses in the game, so long as you have your wits about you. There are, however, some approaches that are simpler and more productive than others. This article will provide the player with all of the information necessary to successfully beat the Heir.

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How To Beat The Heir in Tunic

In the same way as it is in Zelda, the player needs to be aware of how to get the most out of the unique items that they have collected in order to prevail in some boss encounters. The battle against The Heir is one of these boss confrontations. As soon as the fight begins, immediately begin simultaneously employing the Fire Wand and the Magic Dagger in order to freeze the boss. Taking this action will render The Heir immobile for a period of time sufficient for the player to land multiple hits on him before escaping to safety. The greatest moment to replenish one’s mana is while the monster is stunned; however, one should not try to fight during this time because there is not enough time. The optimum time to do so is when the boss is frozen.

How To Beat The Heir in Tunic

In spite of the fact that the player can rush in any direction, there are certain actions in this game that are significantly safer than others. Because of how swiftly The Heir moves when carrying out a Dash Attack, dashing either above or downwards will frequently put the player in danger. Because the player can be struck by the monster’s sword even at a surprising distance, it is best to keep a safe distance from the boss whenever it is practicable to do so. The player will want to keep repeating this process of freezing the enemy, attacking, and then rushing away until the Heir’s final bit of health has been depleted.

If defeating the final monster were that easy, the game wouldn’t be nearly as challenging as it is. However, the Heir has a second phase.

How To Beat The Heir in Tunic

During this phase, the eyes and sword of the boss glow a deep purple, and the move set will undergo a transition. The initial tactic, which consisted of freezing the Heir, attacking him, and then running away again, may, thankfully, be used successfully in the second level as well. At this level, however, it is recommended to make a backward dash after striking the boss, as this is the most effective strategy to gain distance before the boss’s follow-up strike.

The player needs to be very careful not to get caught by the Heir’s Dash Attacks during the second phase because they cover the entire platform and are immediately followed by a Slash that moves in the opposite way. If the player does not succeed in stunning the Heir, the monster will be able to use additional, more challenging attack patterns that can swiftly kill this iconic fox. Because of this, it is essential that the player adheres to the strategy in order to defeat the Heir.

The Basis of Heir

When it comes to defeating The Heir, as well the player prepares for this challenging battle is just as important as how effectively they are able to avoid the Heir’s destructive moves. In contrast to other fights in the game, in which the player’s abilities may be relied on to get them through regardless of the level of preparation they have put in, the battle against The Heir places a lot greater emphasis on preparation. Having a sufficient amount of mana is quite important: there are several different strategies for defeating the Heir, but the one that is the least difficult takes a lot of mana. If the player does not own seven Mana Potions, it is recommended that they go to the Merchant and purchase Blueberries so that they can replenish their Mana while the battle is in progress.

How To Beat The Heir in Tunic

This fight requires the Fire Wand, the Magic Dagger, the Inverted Ash (which allows the player to convert their Health Potions into Mana Potions), the Dagger Strap (which reduces the casting time of the Magic Dagger), and the Anklet (which increases the player’s movement speed), among other items.