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Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™- An All Electric Bike

Usman Ali Ramay


Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE

Harley-Davidson LIVEWIRE™ first came on to the scene in 2015 in a Hollywood blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron where it can be seen ridden by the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) in an action sequence. The bike was never deemed as a real one but more of a prop since that happens in movies all the top but little did we know that it was a real bike and Harley-Davidson had been working on it for a while now.

Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™

Black Widow riding Harley-Davidson Livewire in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Harley does claim that the picture showcased on their website of this model is not the final version but a prototype but it can be assumed that the production model will resemble it no doubt. There is however a bit of an uproar from the Harley fans and I believe it to be justified somewhat. A company that revolutionized an entire industry by their V-Twin and deep thumping exhaust sounds for over a 100 years and it is not wrong on their part to pursue future technologies but the purists don’t want to let go of the old days.

Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™

Old School Harley

On one hand, Harley riders appreciate modern tech in the recent models such as GPS, ABS, LED lights, Better fuel efficiency etc but many have been complaining about the complacency of the more main streaming of the company where it seems to be printing out bikes with not much personality like the old days. Not all can be blamed on Harley though, for modern regulations have tied motor industry’s hands and it is not limited to motorcycles, but many car manufacturers suffer from it as well. Just to get cleared to be road legal, each model has to be produced under the guidelines of which there are so many. Reason why many companies shut down and many don’t even start because they can’t check all the boxes.

Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™

Tesla second-generation Roadster

A recent rise of Tesla and their state of the art, ever so popular electric vehicles are quite responsible for this shift in the industry. So Harley is headed for the right direction to at least dabble into the electric space and feel the market for potential new customers. There is a trend going these days, and electric bikes are nothing new, but an established brand like Harley to put forth a model in the market would certainly say something to the rest of the industry, whether it is successful or considered nothing but a gimmick is yet to be seen.

Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™

8″ touchscreen with GPS and Bluetooth

It is true that no motor head would ever even sit on this machine, but there is a rise in bike popularity and it might bring in new customers who have never really ridden a bike or Eco-conscious people who would rather buy a Tesla than a Ferrari.

As of now, Harley is collecting data on how people are receiving the model and what they want in the final version. We do know that it comes with Brembo Brakes, adjustable suspension, 7 riding modes, touchscreen infotainment system with GPS and Bluetooth, EV powertrain, 17″ Michelin sports tires and most of all since it is EV powertrain, it require little service. Decent range on a single charge and a little over 400 lbs in total weight, it does sound like a pretty decent package.

Harley-Davidson Project LIVEWIRE™


One thing is for sure, it is different and simply to tickle one’s curious bone, many will test ride it just to see how it feels. The stats are not final as of yet and may have a few changes in the production model. Wishing Harley all the best and hoping the price tag will be reasonable for that is going to be one or the major factors as to whether it will be a success or not.

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Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Guide For General Battle Royale, Survival, And Combat Tips

Dian Zain



There’s a lot to learn in Black Ops 4 Blackout with its battle royale game experience. And for some of you, probably already become expert on Blackout. On the other hands, some of you might have been frustrated to play this battle royale game, which I know for sure, it won’t make you give up on this game though.


In this article, I will give you guides for General Battle Royale, Survival, And Combat Tips. Make sure you read carefully to improve your gameplay.

Black Ops 4 Blackout General Battle Royale tips

These tips are useful for you whether you are a beginner or aiming to improve your gameplay, here you can check all of them below:

  • Aim for a balanced loadout – it sounds obvious, but just because you find a rocket launcher or a sniper, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily pick it up. You need to be capable of fighting at long, medium, and short ranges at all times, and if you have to sacrifice one of those capabilities it should be long-range – medium and short are the most frequent encounters, and the hardest to escape if you don’t have the right gear.
  • Doors are windows are crucial tools – all doors start closing, and all windows un-smashed. If you find an open door or smashed window anywhere, enemies have been here, and you should plan accordingly.
  • Ignore downed enemies when fighting several at once – you will see so many beginners die in squad gunfights because they focus on eliminating downed enemies rather than switching to other targets. Unless you can do so very quickly and safely, it’s not worth it in the heat of battle. Focus on those that can kill you first!
  • Make sure you stay alert for their teammates – your instinct is to go in for the final kill, or even relax and tend to your fallen teammates, but chances are other players are zeroing in on your position. Plus, you can use these downed adversaries as bait.
  • Perfect the battle royale wave – never stand still, even when you think you’re safe. Always wiggle just slightly from left to right, by about one step each way. This is to stop enemies from lining up sniper shots on you easily while you sit there blissfully unaware.
  • Sneak your way into the final few survivors – but while it’s a great way to get to the final few, it won’t help you master the mechanics. Practice by heading to ‘hot drop’ locations – large, high-loot areas under the flight path with lots of other players – or even by practicing your twitch reactions in regular multiplayer.
  • Adapt to what you have – this ties into our point on gear above, but if all you have is a shotgun and a pistol, don’t bother engaging at long range. Instead, avoid getting spotted by enemies and sneak up on them for the close-quarters kill.
  • Loot is great bait if you’re camping – hide inside a building, with line-of-sight on some great loot on the floor, and wait for an enemy to burst in and get distracted snaffling the good stuff so you can ambush and take them out.

  • Squads are very different from playing solo – communication becomes an essential skill, with the team that communicates the best often beating more mechanically skilled players, so learn how to call things out quickly and clearly. “Second floor, blue building, third window from left” for instance is much clearer than “that building over there upstairs”. Constantly communicate – and have an agreed call for when you all need to go quiet on the mics to listen to footsteps – and remember to use the numbers and directions on your HUD’s compass!
  • Keep the circle to your back when you get towards the mid and late game – by which we mean, stay just beside the line of the blue danger zone at all times, and move in with it to the safe zone, then stop and wait on the edge there when it stops closing in until it starts to move again. It means you can’t get attacked from behind, because anything behind you would be taking heavy damage in the gas, allowing you to focus on what’s in front and to the sides.

Blackout exploration and survival tips

  • There’s a bunch of vehicles – quadbikes for ferrying one or two players, while boats, trucks, and helicopters can carry up to four – open-backed vehicles you can ride in just by jumping up onto them, rather than pressing an ‘interact’ button to climb inside.
  • There’s a Grapple Gun to help you get about (equip it like a grenade).
  • Wingsuits have a severe drop from the helicopter, which is good if you want to get playing faster, and like we mentioned there’s also significantly more range than in other battle royales.
  • You can deploy your wingsuit in-game, when at a suitable height, like in Fortnite, by holding jump in mid-air (from top of Construction Site for example).
  • Health drops are surprisingly severe for running out of breath underwater – you can’t stay down there for more than a few seconds at a time.
  • Fresh areas appear to be zombie locations (like Nuketown and Asylum) while named locations at the fringes of the map (like Construction Site) are full of loot and slightly fewer other players – we’ll be looking at loot locations more closely as time goes by.
  • Learn the map as best you can – map knowledge is hugely important in battle royale games in general, and will often be the difference between good and great players.

  • Boats are probably the secret best vehicle in Blackout – even though they initially appear less ‘mobile’ due to their waterbound nature, they can also get to places other players won’t expect, and much more quietly than a loud truck or chopper. It’s also a viable way of hiding on the map until the final waves.
  • Helicopters, though fast and able to transport an entire squad with ease, are loud and easily shot down with missile launchers, so use at your peril. Helicopters can be a useful way to locate enemy players if you fancy risking it. Rise into the air, and if you get locked on by a missile or shot at with bullets, then drop down as soon as you can.
  • Using any vehicles in the final few circles is ill-advised – as they attract more attention than being on foot. They are at their best to transport you and your team over large distances in the opening few circles.

Blackout combat tips

  • It’s hard to see enemies from a distance, and similarly, it’s very hard to hear enemy footsteps, even up close, so be prepared to get shot in the back.
  • Inside multi-story buildings footsteps are much louder, and mastering your ability to hear where a player is in relation to you (okay they’re above you, but where above you?) is essential.
  • Without armor, time to kill is only marginally higher, and higher-quality armor seems to be pretty rare.
  • Level 3 armor is rather overpowered as things stand, but we can probably expect this to change.
  • View the Kill Cam – a Call of Duty staple (provided you don’t have teammates still active in the match, of course!) – to see how you died. Use it to learn how to improve!
  • Use a wingsuit to descend on the map. A useful difference is your drop is faster than other Battle Royale games, getting you into the action faster.

  • Positioning is key – think about the terrain and where you are, and attack enemies accordingly. Flank enemies when in squads and use the higher ground for line-of-sight advantage over them.
  • Distraction is a great tactic if your enemy isn’t quite sure where you are – lob a spare grenade in one direction and then move around in the other to get the drop on them, just like you’re playing a stealth game.
  • You can shoot through thin walls, like corrugated metal! This is great when you know an enemy’s camping inside a small hut or building, for instance.
  • Be tactical about how and when you reveal your position – if two sets of enemies are fighting, should you engage and let them know where you are? Or should you let them get each other down to low health, wait for one squad or player to lose, and then finish off the other when they relax and think they’re safe?
  • The Trophy System is great to save for the end of matches, as they can help defend you against projectiles thrown against you when you’re bedded in and defending against others.
  • Perks are special abilities which increase your sensitivity to sound, showcase nearby loot or your teammates, and much more. They are only temporary, so take note of what you pick up and when’s best to use them. If you can, save them until the end of a match to give you an edge.

Now are you ready to jump in the Blackout Battle Royale?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019 model

Usman Ali Ramay



Harley Davidson FXDR™ 114 2019

A new model to the SOFTAIL family line-up. It is also the most expensive one out of the line-up with a price tag of $21,349 as is and there are several custom parts that are available to make the bike more suited to individual riders’ tastes. FXDR is a rather unique looking model, given its high in-take and large 250 rear tire and focused towards pulling fast in a straight line but it can handle bendy corners even better than the Fat boy.

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019

FXDR 114 around corners             

The sitting position is more for people in the heights between 5ft 9″ to 6ft, but if you are any taller then you’d be hunched over and because the feet controls are almost at the same length forward so you feel a little fatigued on longer rides which brings out the main point to who this bike is for and for purposes. It is not a daily driver or for long rides but for a weekend fun run and dare I say, some drag racing eve.

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019 Side Profile

Lots of torque for that A-B drag and to pass over at high speeds all thanks to the Milwaukee Eight Engine. The body is made out of number of alloys and composite components to reduce weight. All new aluminium swingarm and subframe allows for maximum acceleration braking and handling. 2-into-1 exhaust tuned for a nice rumble but not just for looks, for it performs and situated at an angle to not to interrupt that lean.

Newly designed air intake inspired by Screamin’ Eagle NHRA drag bikes and shaped to enhance air flow to the engine that looks rather decent on this reinvented SOFTAIL frame.

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019 Air Intake

LED Daymaker headlamp, LED rear lighting and turn signals come standard with digital riser gauge and a keyless ignition are all great features.

Over all it is more than a decent package but keeping everything in perspective, and the modern bikes that are gracing the bike market like Indian, BMW and many Japanese bikes as well, Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114 is for a true Harley fan for this kind of price but for seasoned riders, there are other bikes that are better bang for the buck.

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114, 2019

Harley-Davidson FXDR™ 114 Custom, 2019 in Black

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