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Have A Nice Death – How to Activate Easy Mode


Playing as the Grim Reaper, Have a Nice Death is a distinct 2D rogue-like action game. If you choose the “Self-Fulfillment” difficulty option, the game becomes a considerably more relaxed and forgiving tour through the bureaucracy of the afterlife. Rather, he’s a creature overworked, as evidenced by his recent loss of height. You can learn how to enable Have a Nice Death’s easy mode by reading this article:

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How to Activate Easy Mode

Have a Nice Death features Death fighting off numerous foes and bosses. You may frequently feel like you’re “dead” when things get hard. You don’t really die, of course, because you are Death. The screen that says “game over” will instead say “Rest in Paperwork.” We realize how tedious this process may get after going through it a few times.

Fortunately, Have a Nice Death has an easy mode, though it’s not obvious how to activate it. But it’s not even referred to as simple mode. It’s called “Self-Fulfillment Mode” instead. You cannot access Self-Fulfillment Mode unless you have experienced your first “death.” To activate it, take the following actions:

  • Go to the final node before the elevator after you pass away and enter Death’s office.
  • Engage with the image of Death, which need to have a sticky note close by.
  • Locate Self-Fulfillment Mode by swiping left.

When you get back to the office after being chosen, you’ll see that tally marks have replaced the sticky note. You’ve been able to activate Have a Nice Death in easy mode. Simply go into the elevator to resume your journey. In certain cases, you might not even need to take that action. The game may occasionally advise you to turn it on yourself if you die sufficiently, as seen in the image above. You can access easy mode more quickly thanks to this.

Benefits of Self-Fulfillment Mode in Have a Nice Death

In order to lessen the punishment for mistakes, the Self-Fulfillment mode modifies some health and damage statistics in relation to the game’s default difficulty. These modifications are:

  • Instead of having any empty healing slots at first, the game starts with anima filled in them, which can heal any greyed-out area of the health meter.
  • Once a Sorrow, one of the game’s boss opponents, is defeated, health restored to 50% of its previous maximum.
  • Basic opponents’ ability to deal contact and projectile damage will be reduced by 33%.
  • Anger replenishes more health with each subsequent death.

By default, anima replenishes the player’s health by fifteen, or little, under twenty-five per cent of their base maximum health of sixty-five. A player’s maximum health will naturally rise as they go through a run, which typically renders anima a less useful resource overall.

This issue is mitigated by Self-Fulfillment’s algorithm, which gradually tips the scales so that anima recovers to the extent required for the player to succeed despite repeated deaths. Players need to understand that anima cannot completely repair areas of the health meter that have become black. To recover this lost health, a “pure heal” is needed, and using a pure anima item is the easiest way to get one.


Is Have a nice death a hard game?

This game is a real jewel, skillfully fusing stunning graphics with captivating fighting mechanics. Plenty of humor, enjoyable gameplay, amazing visual direction, and a challenge that will keep you occupied for several days. Fantastic game! Fights are rather difficult, yet controls are very simple to learn.

Is Have a Nice Death replayable?

This game has an incredibly high replay value. I kept going back, more and more curious to see what mysteries I still hadn’t discovered, what fantastic conversation I would stumble onto, and how far I could get.

How many stages are in Have a Nice Death?

The game is separated into five floors and a boss chamber for each part. Every floor has a different layout, and each floor ends with an elevator that takes you to the next floor.

What is the control room in Have a Nice Death?

Together with Orville, who serves as his tutor, Jacob is in charge of it. For the duration of the run, the player can speak with Jacob or Orville to enhance their weaponry with Soulary or Prismium, giving scythes, weapons, and spells increased damage and effects.

How do curses work in Have a Nice Death?

O’Shah gives you additional cards called curses. Curses come in three varieties: green, blue, and red. Every kind of curse has a unique growth tree with randomly assigned penalties. If you don’t think the Curses you’ve been given are all that good, you can also use a Curse-Reroll to reroll ONE of the Curses.