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How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite


A mysterious door has suddenly opened in Fortnite, but no one seems to know where to look for it. You will need to locate the hidden entrance in Shuffled Shrines in order to unlock the Indy’s Dustoff emote as part of the Indiana Jones challenges. This emote is likely the most nostalgic one that Fortnite has to offer at this time. You have to have finished the first page of Indy challenges in order to unlock the second page in order to be able to access this challenge.

However, finding the door is only one part of this task; in order to unlock it, you will also need to search the Shuffled Shrines in order to find the solution to the puzzle. Having said that, this is the location of the hidden door as well as instructions on how to access it.

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How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

How to unlock the Shuffled Shrines main chamber in Fortnite

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

At the Fortnite location known as Shuffled Shrines, which counts as one of the Temples, you will first need to discover how to unlock the door leading to the main chamber. Only after doing so will you be able to make any attempt to locate the hidden entrance leading to the main chamber. On the ground level of one of the primary structures, look for a wide dirt clearing with a hideous face carved into the rock wall. This is the entryway. Turning the four small totems that are covered in colourful symbols allows you to enter a passcode and unlock the door to the chamber.

You can figure out the symbol code that you have to enter by searching for other broken symbol totems that have been strewn about the Shuffled Shrines. Be warned that each time you encounter the problem, the symbols will be different, but the shattered symbol totems will always be in the same spot and will always connect to the same totems back at the chamber door. These are the locations where you can locate shattered totems that have the necessary symbols on them:

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

  1. Located below ground in the southwestern most corner of the Shuffled Shrines. That which corresponds to the totem sign on the far left.
  2. Around the corner to the north-northwest of the building to the north-northwest in Shuffled Shrines. That which corresponds to the totem in the middle-left position.
  3. To the north of the Shuffled Shrines, beneath the structure that has a roof made of a crimson fabric. That which corresponds to the totem on the middle-right.
  4. In the far northeastern part of the Shuffled Shrines, beneath the wooden walkways. That which corresponds to the totem on the far right.

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

After you have determined which of the three colours the symbols represent (orange, blue, or yellow), proceed to the door of the chamber and rotate the totems in the appropriate direction to input the correct passcode. A word of caution: when there are a lot of other individuals in this space, things get really chaotic. At Shuffled Shrines, your options are to make friends with other adventurers who share your interests or to fight until you are the only Indiana Jones left standing. If things are getting too risky, you could always try looking for the Fortnite Durrrburger Relics in The Ruins or The Temple instead.

After entering the right passcode, the main chamber will open, exposing a long path that is full of concealed traps. Be very careful not to step on the brown floor tiles, as doing so will set off the dart traps that are located in the walls. After that, you’ll enter the true main chamber where the Tomato Head idol is waiting for you to find it.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines secret door location

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

Now that you are in the main room, you have the option of either grabbing the idol, which will force a boulder to fall in and crash through the corridor – watch out that it doesn’t crush you – or running to the right, where you will find a doorway in the wall that is partially hidden by a plant.

How to Find the Secret Door in Fortnite

You will eventually get to a couple more rooms that have even more wealth if you head through this doorway and then use your Harvesting Tool to break down some of the walls. It is not necessary to loot anything in this hidden chamber in order to accomplish the Indiana Jones quest challenge; nonetheless, you should do so in order to acquire some useful items that will assist you in succeeding in the battle royale.


What is the code for the temple in fortnite?

Fortnite user Ake’s tiny temple, coordinates 1732-9737-2075.

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