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Hitman 2 – Walkthrough To Complete The Appraiser Elusive Target Mission


HITMAN 2 Game Guide

The third Elusive Target to be eliminated in Hitman 2 is The Appraiser Miranda Jamison. She’s a price fixer in the art world who has used destruction and death to further her goals. The rewards you will get for assassinate her are the Tuxedo, Mask, and Gloves Suit.

So, let’s get started!

Before you start to chase her on the Isle of Sgail, make sure you check on your inventory and prepare these items:

  • Coins
  • A lockpick
  • Any suppressed pistol that you’re expert on it

The first thing you should do is use the Chapel spawn point if it’s available to you. From there, go down the stairs until you reach a locked door which leads into a security room. You will have to wait until the patrolling guard is facing away from the door, then use the lockpick to get inside.

Inside you will see a window on the left which you have to climb through to take you out onto the Sgail facility’s helicopter pad.

After exiting the window, turn around and use Instinct to spot the security camera system (you will see a small box with tapes sticking out of the top). Use your suppressed pistol and shoot the system to disable the entire facility’s security camera system. This isn’t strictly mandatory for you to do, but it will earn you a Silent Assassin rating.

You will find a small generator near the window, turn it off, then jump into the box at the right side of the window.

A custodian will come over to investigate the generator, now jump out of the box, subdue him, take his disguise and hide his unconscious body in the box.

Next, you have to go into the pictured building on the right, but first, make sure that no guards are following you. Dash in quickly and grab The Appraiser’s notebook on the table straight ahead.

With the notebook in your hand, walk back a short distance until you find a small enclosed outdoor area with a large fuel tank.

Now take out your suppressed pistol, and shoot the small valve at the bottom of the fuel tank. You will know that you’ve shot the right spot when gas starts flooding out of the valve.

Now the gas will explode, you can go to any exit you like. You will find out that Miranda gets panic over her lost Notebook, then she will light a cigarette by the busted gas tank.

Her body will be discovered but since the fuel tank explosion is mentioned as an accident kill, your Silent Assassin rating remains still.

Now exit the mission and receive your rewards. Congratulation agent!

Hitman 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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