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Honkai: Star Rail – Haunted House Code


If you wish to accomplish the new Luofu Myths quest, you’ll need to figure out the Honkai: Star Rail safe password on your own or get a hint from Sushang. You’ll find plenty of challenges like this and more as you navigate the mazes and riddles in the Fyxestroll Garden on the Luofu in Update 1.5. If you’re the type of player who insists on doing everything yourself in the game, the Haunted House safe password will prove to be the most challenging. The secret password to the scary house in Honkai Star Rail is revealed here.

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Haunted House Code Password in Honkai Star Rail

Because the Luofu Myths quest is a part of the brand new Foxian Tale of the Haunted event that is taking place right now, it has become the talk of Honkai Star Rail ever since the brand new in-game event began taking place. During this event, players will be tasked with deciphering a riddle after being presented with the following information.

Honkai: Star Rail - Haunted House Code

  • M is 71839
  • N is 7193
  • V is 183
  • The safe password is T

Honkai: Star Rail - Haunted House Code

Given the limited nature of the information provided, some of you may have difficulty solving this puzzle. This is especially true considering that you probably want to get it over with to continue through the Haunted House. The correct password for the safe in the Haunted House is 1328.

Honkai: Star Rail - Haunted House Code

Entering this code will cause the safe to open, at which point the players will be required to continue with other aspects of the story. After opening this safe, you will have to fight the Heliobus hidden within the safe. If you are an experienced player on the Honkai Star Rail, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this battle.

The players shouldn’t have too much trouble cracking this safe, and although the event in question will take quite a while to finish, this is going to be one of the very last tasks they have to accomplish to be successful. The following rewards are available to players who complete the Haunted House mission:

  • X100 Trailblaze EXP
  • X20 Stellar Jade
  • X3 Adventure Log
  • X2 Condensed Aether
  • X2 Lost Gold Fragment
  • X5000 Credit


How do you get Kafka Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2, Kafka becomes available as a playable 5-star character. Be wary, though, because she’s only available for a short time through a special Character Event Warp banner. If she isn’t currently advertised, you may have to wait a few months for the next Kafka repeat.

What is the pity rate in Honkai Star Rail?

Each draw promises at least a 4-star item, but the initial odds of pulling a 5-star item are only 0.6%; these odds increase to 100% between 75 and 90 pulls thanks to the pity system and the accumulation of soft pity. This method is quite similar to a Character Event Warp banner.

What is the name of the MC in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail’s protagonist is called the Trailblazer, and players get to choose the protagonist’s gender. Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka and Silver Wolf open the Trailblazer’s container on the Herta Space Station at the start of the game.

Who is the best DPS in Honkai: Star Rail?

Destruction characters like Jingliu and Imbibitor Lunae are presently the top DPS choices in Honkai: Star Rail. When it comes to dealing single-target and Physical damage, Dan Heng and Sushang are two of the best characters to have.

How good is Yanqing Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, Yanqing is one of the characters with the highest single-target damage-dealing potential. It is possible for him to significantly increase his personal damage output by equipping himself with the coveted CRIT stats that are necessary for every DPS carrier.