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Honkai: Star Rail – How to Get Kafka


Players of Honkai: Star Rail get to take charge of 5-star protagonist Kafka. Kafka is one of the first playable heroes in the game. Players of Honkai: Star Rail get to take charge of 5-star protagonist Kafka. Kafka is one of the first playable heroes in the game. How to get Kafka in Honkai Star Rail is what this post is all about.

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How to Unlock Kafka

To acquire Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail, players will need to join in the regular procedure for gaining any 5-star hero in the game: Warping. Warps are analogous to Wishes in Genshin Impact; since both games were developed by HoYoverse and use a gacha system, it’s easy to see why the two games are often compared. However, Kafka cannot be obtained in the game as of the 1.0 release.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Get Kafka

The individual is not included on either the Basic or Common Warp Banners. This means that gamers who want Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail will have to wait till she appears in a timed banner. Starting with Seele and Jing Yuan, several of Honkai: Star Rail’s characters will have this trait.

How to Use Kafka

Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka follows the Nihility Path, which means she specializes at debuffing foes. She can deal damage over time (DoT) to foes, which multiplies the effect of other DoTs in play and greatly increases her team’s damage output.

  • Her Lightning element also makes her an excellent damage dealer, allowing for more adaptability in party composition and the ability to oppose a larger spectrum of foes.
  • Therefore, Kafka is an excellent choice for gamers still getting their feet wet in turn-based RPG mechanics to have on their Honkai: Star Rail team.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Get Kafka

  • She is a potent asset to any squad because she isn’t just good at dealing DoTs to adversaries; she can also take a lot of damage herself.
  • Players can weaken adversaries and improve their team’s performance in battle by adding Kafka to their party and using her combat talents.

Best Light Cones for Kafka

A good Honkai Star Rail Light Cone for Kafka is You Just Need a Little Patience. The user’s DMG output is improved by 24%-40% thanks to this illuminating cone. In addition, the user’s SPD improves by 4.8%-8.0%, up to a maximum of 3 times, after each strike.

There is an automatic 100% chance to inflict Erode on any target you hit that is not immune to it. All foes hit by Erode are treated as Shocked, taking initial turn-after-turn Lightning DoT equal to 60%-100% of the wearer’s ATK. This Light Cone can only be gotten via the Event Warp whenever it is accessible. There is nowhere else to get it. However, In the Name of the World is an excellent choice if you want a 5-star option that is not difficult to attain. Starlight

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Get Kafka

Finally, Fermata or Before the Tutorial Mission Begins are also excellent choices if you’re looking for a four-star adventure. You can get the first one from the Forgotten Halls shop or by farming the weekly bosses. The second is a special Light Cone that was only available through the Silver Wolf-themed version 1.1 event.

Best Team Comp for Kafka

As a DoT unit, Kafka’s damage scales with the number of stacks of Shock, Bleed, or other status effects on the target. For this reason, Kafka should team up with Sampo, Luka, or Luocha. Sampo and Luka deal status effects to the opposition, while Luocha helps restore health. Kafka obviously also causes status affects on his foes.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Get Kafka

But there’s another squad where Kafka can play the Hypercarry role. Silver Wolf, Tingyun, Kafka, and Luocha are all members of this group. Silver Wolf has the ability to apply debuffs, including lowering foes’ DEF. Tingyun operates splendidly since her ATK boosts augment Kafka’s DMG by a lot.


What path is Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, version 1.2 included a new character named Kafka, who is a 5-Star Lightning character who follows the Nihility route. Kafka is a member of the Nihility path.

What planet is Kafka from Honkai: Star Rail?

“Kafka, a woman who is a human. Core member of the Stellaron Hunters and the next-in-command of ‘Destiny’s Slave; hails from New Babylon on Pteruges-V.

Will Kafka be playable Honkai: Star Rail?

Kafka is a character that can be controlled by the player in Honkai: Star Rail. One of the Stellaron Hunters who is known for their poise, confidence, and attractive appearance.

What is Kafka’s weakness in Star Rail?

Lightning is Kafka’s primary assault method, and he is vulnerable to Wind and Imagination-based strikes. She may also Dominate your characters, prompting them to attack one other. Two Cloud Knights have joined her, although they are quite easy to deal with in comparison to her.