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How Modular Lighting Systems Can Brighten Your Space


The overall look of your home can change drastically depending on the amount of light you let into the rooms. If you have any sort of modular lighting system from Eagle Lighting installed in your home, however, you have an easy way to instantly improve the space’s feel and ambiance by adding or removing light fixtures as needed. Here are 10 ways a modular lighting system can brighten up your space.

Energy Saving

When it comes to environmental impact, nothing beats LED lighting. LED lights use less energy than any other kind of commercial light including halogen and fluorescent lights. And while they are costlier upfront, they more than make up for it in energy savings over time (thanks to their higher lumen-per-watt efficiency). 

While fluorescent lamps have been shown to have a low total cost of ownership due to their longevity and relatively low power consumption (50 watts per lamp), LEDs trump them when you factor in a lamp’s average lifespan.

Flexible Design

While onboard lighting systems are easy to install, one of their major disadvantages is their fixed nature. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted recessed lights can’t adapt to new uses or to changes in room arrangement.

A modular lighting system, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your space by reusing and rearranging light units. Whether you want more natural sunlight in some areas or more subdued lighting elsewhere, modular lighting is perfect for making your environment exactly how you want it.

Easy Installation

Even if you’ve never done it before, with modular lighting, installation is simple. Whether you’re building an addition or remodeling your kitchen, Eagle Lighting’s easy-to-install products are guaranteed to save you time and money. So what are you waiting for? Take that room from dim to dazzling in no time at all! Check out their range of innovative light fixtures.

Light Weighting

Consumers are always looking for innovative ways to save money and space, and one way they can do that is by purchasing modular lighting. These systems are very easy to set up and uninstall as needed, making them ideal for changing seasons or holiday décor. Homeowners often use them in rooms that don’t typically require lights year-round like bathrooms for basements. 

They’re also great for renters who want to make sure their lease allows them to modify their living spaces without having to remove and replace physical fixtures. Plus, when you upgrade your home decor, you can just grab your entire modular lighting system off of its existing mounts and bring it with you!

No Electrician Required

Installing modular lighting can be as easy as plugging in a lightbulb that is, if you don’t need an electrician. In fact, many modular lighting systems are 100-percent DIY (including installation). The easiest of all, though, might just be plug-and-play options. They make it simple to automate your lights based on your daily schedule and keep them on when you’re away from home.

They also sync with other smart devices and allow you to use your phone or computer to control them. If that sounds complicated, rest assured: Once installed, which takes about an hour for standard rooms you can set these up in seconds without even touching your phone.

Free Standing

One of the key benefits of modular lighting is that your light fixtures aren’t permanently fixed to a wall, which gives you more flexibility in how you use space. If a room’s function changes, you can rearrange how your lights are arranged. 

While most people think about their ceiling when it comes to lighting, there are actually other options available as well with ceiling track lighting and pendant lights being two of these other options. 

You can also hang lights over furniture or behind them creating an ambiance instead of using them for task lighting. When it comes to any type of fixed lighting, consider what else might be in place before deciding where to put your light fixtures.