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How Much Storage Does The PS5 Have?


How much storage space does the PlayStation 5 have, and how big is its hard drive in terms of the amount of memory it can actually hold? The PlayStation 5 makes use of a solid-state drive (SSD), which is both a quicker and more powerful drive than the typical hard disc drive (HDD), but it also costs more money for the same amount of storage capacity.  On top of that, even though it officially has a decent 825GB of storage space, game files are getting bigger, and some of that space has to be used up with the operating system, so it might be less than you’d think it would be. In either case, this indicates that the 825GB statistic that has been circulating is not the complete picture of the storage capacity that is accessible on the PS5. Now, all you need to know about the PlayStation 5’s storage capacity is included below.

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How Much Storage Does PS5 have?

How Much Storage Does The PS5 Have?

The PlayStation 5 has been marketed as having a storage capacity of 825 gigabytes solid-state drive (SSD), although this number does not directly transfer into usable space. Because of an oddity in the way that the size of the hard drive is counted, the 825GB number actually refers to 825,000,000,000 bytes. However, given that there are only 1,024 bytes in 1KB etc. all the way up, this indicates that there is only 768GB of storage space to begin with. After taking away some more space to cover the necessary operating system, you will be left with 667.2GB of available storage space on your PS5, which can be used to cover your games and applications, media gallery, stored data, and other system data for your games and applications.

However, while it might not sound like much if you’ve just come off the back of a 1TB PS4, let’s gather up a few games that show off the PlayStation 5 and see how many games you can fit on the PS5 hard drive (keeping in mind that this may not take into consideration the size of any future updates):

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – 41.79GB
  • Astro’s Playroom – 10.34GB
  • Borderlands 3 – 49.64GB
  • Bugsnax – 8.19GB
  • Call of Duty Vanguard – 61.01GB
  • Demon’s Souls – 52.09GB
  • Warzone 94.67GB
  • Fortnite – 42.66GB
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – 52.56GB
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – 30.44GB
  • Watch Dogs Legion – 35.73GB
  • Far Cry 6 – 90 GB

You can check how much free storage space you have on your PS5 by navigating to Settings > Storage > Console Storage. Then, pick Games and Apps to see how much space each particular game is using up in your storage. You can disable the feature that records a video every time you earn a trophy by going to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies > Save Trophy Videos. If you need to free up more storage space, your Media Gallery is a good place to start. The PS5 is initially set up to record a video every time you earn a trophy; you can disable this feature by going to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies > Save Trophy Videos.



Is there a 1TB PS5?

This 1TB SSD is compatible with the PS5 and costs about $130.

Is 825GB enough for PS5?

Even though the PlayStation 5 has 825 gigabytes of storage space, users are only allowed to access 667.2 gigabytes of that space (unless they utilise an external hard drive). Both PS5 and PS4 games can be stored on the external hard drive that you have, and you can play PS4 games directly from the disc. In order for your external hard drive to be compatible with a PlayStation 5, it needs to have a storage capacity of at least 250 gigabytes.

Can you add storage to a PS5?

M. 2 solid-state drive storage can be used to download, copy, and launch PS5 and PS4 games, in addition to media applications, once it has been inserted in the PS5 system. This makes it possible for you to expand the amount of storage space that is accessible on your PS5 console.

Is there a 2TB PS5?

The only capacities that are now available are 500 gigabytes, one terabyte, and two terabytes, but fortunately, you have the option of purchasing any of these capacities with a heatsink, which is essential for maintaining the temperature of your SSD. These are based on the necessary PCIe Gen 4 M standard and claim read speeds of 7,000 MB/s.

Why does my PS5 have no storage?

Why does the PS5 have such limited storage space? Even while 825 gigabytes is not an insignificant amount of storage space, it appears to be used up quite quickly on the console. This is due to two factors: first, games today consume more storage space than they ever have, and second, the storage space needed for the operating system also needs to be taken up on the solid-state drive.

Why does the PS5 have 825GB?

The truth of the matter is, however, that the reason why the PS5 Solid State Drive (SSD) has a capacity of 825 gigabytes is because it was designed specifically for the console and is a perfect match for the 12 channel flash interface. This interface is what enables the PS5 SSD to process data at the lightning-fast speeds that it does.