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How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan


Have you had a difficult time locating a solution to the challenge of finding a way to pay for individual Spotify accounts for each member of your family? If you live in a family with more than one teenager who takes pleasure in listening to music, you may feel as though the costs are unreasonable because of the number of people who listen to music.

A good number of parents have been looking for a means to manage several accounts on Spotify, and thankfully, the music streaming website now provides a solution to this problem. If you go with the Family Plan, you won’t have to give up any of the Premium benefits you already have in order to bring everyone under the same account. This is because the Family Plan is designed specifically for this purpose. Through the use of the Spotify Family bundle, you are able to connect with the people you care about in the following ways:

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How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

To add more accounts to the Premium Family Plan, simply follow the guidelines that are provided below.

1. Check that your subscription to Spotify has the most recent version installed.

2. You can change the email address associated with your Spotify account by going to the official website and logging into your profile there. If you don’t take the lead and sign up, no one else will.

How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

3. After you have established the address, you are able to proceed with sending invites to other members of the household.

How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

4. They need to tap or click on the link that is provided to them in the email once they have received your invitation. You can also transmit the URL through other programmes, such as SMS messages, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

5. Tap or click the “Accept Invite” button whenever you are prompted to do so.

How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

6. In the event that you haven’t done so already, log in to your Spotify profile. If you do not already have an account, you may create one right now if you want.

How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

7. To verify that you and the other subscriber to the Family Plan reside at the same address, use the “Confirm Location” option. In the event that something is not functioning properly, you also have the option to manually enter the address.

8. After you have ensured that the address is correct, click the “Confirm” button once more. You are free to make any necessary changes to the address at this time.

How to Add an Existing Account to the Spotify Family Plan

9. In the event that the address is accurate, this will be the final stage of the subscription process. Now, all subscribers to the plan can take advantage of Premium Spotify’s services, including listening to music and downloading songs.

NOTE: If you are setting up the account when you are not at “home,” which is the address the plan owner has registered for the account, you should not accept the option to “Confirm Location.” Because it uses the location that is provided by your device, it will be unable to verify your account if you are not physically present at the area that is specified. If you are away from your usual location, manually enter the address.

When you upgrade from a standard Premium account to a Spotify Family account, you will maintain access to all of your previous music selections, playlists, and suggestions.


Can I join Spotify family if I already have premium?

You need to live at the same physical address as the plan’s owner in order to enrol in a pre-existing Premium for Family plan for your family (the person who subscribed to the plan). Because each member has their own individual Premium account, you won’t have to bother about requesting the plan’s owner for their username and password in order to use the Premium features.

How do I merge Spotify accounts?

Unfortunately, there is no way to combine the listening and taste data of two different Spotify accounts, nor can you combine the personal libraries associated with each account. On the other hand, you are able to move your Followed Friends, Playlists, and Songs that you Liked to an entirely new account.

What happens to my Spotify Premium if I join Family?

There is no need to be concerned; changing subscription plans will not result in any individual’s loss of their saved playlists or music, and everyone will be able to maintain their existing accounts. Your husband does not need to cancel anything because the billing will transition over immediately. This feature is available for people who already have Premium and are joining a Premium Family plan.

Does Spotify verify Family plan?

Verification of membership

By supplying their complete address, participants are required to confirm that they share a household with the plan administrator. When they join. Whenever the management moves to a new location. In the event that we are unable to verify their address.