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How to Battle Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go


The much-anticipated Fashion Week event has finally arrived in Pokemon GO, and with it comes a wide variety of challenges for players to overcome. A batch of Fashion Week Timed Research is being conducted concurrently with all of these other activities; its progression takes place over the course of five stages. This guide is here to assist players who may be confused about exactly how to go about battling Fashion Challengers, as there are tasks in several of these stages that instruct Pokemon GO fans to do so. Let’s get started:

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How to Battle Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go

Where to Find

Finding a Fashion Challenger is the first thing that players need to do in order to engage in a battle with one, and in Pokemon GO, players should concentrate their search efforts on PokeStops. Indeed, there is a possibility that Fashion Challengers will show up at these unique spots, and it is feasible to tell from a considerable distance whether or not there is one there. In order for fans to accomplish this, all they need to do is examine the cube that sits atop a PokeStop; the presence of a Fashion Challenger is indicated when the cube begins to shake.

How to Battle

The Fashion Challenger can be coaxed into appearing at a PokeStop if the player first selects an appropriate PokeStop and then approaches it. The next step for fans is to engage with the PokeStop and select “Battle” when prompted to express their objectives. When you select this option, however, players will be given the chance to choose whose side they want to fight on before the battle really begins. Fans do not necessarily need to have the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO in order to be successful in defeating a Fashion Challenger; nonetheless, they should make certain to select some powerful possibilities here.

How to Battle Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go

Types of Fashion Challengers

It is important to keep in mind that players of PoGO will face a wide variety of Fashion Challengers as they strive toward the completion of the Fashion Week Timed Research. Each of these Challengers possesses their very own special squad, and the composition of those teams is as follows:

  • Challengers with an Unusual Attitude: Furfrou, Graveler, and Blitzle
  • Quirky Challenger: Furfrou, Braixen, Shinx
  • Furfrou, Sneasel, and Gothitelle are a Worthy Challenger.
  • Sassy Challenger: Furfrou, Butterfree, Vaporeon
  • Slick Challenger: Furfrou, Croagunk, Obstagoon
  • Rugged Challenger: Furfrou, Kirlia, Mienshao

This Normal-type Pokemon has just recently made its debut in the game, so it is only natural that it would be included on the teams of all of the Fashion Challengers. Fans are likely to notice that Furfrou is on all of the teams. In Pokemon GO, players will not gain an encounter with Furfrou by defeating Challengers; instead, there are a number of other ways to acquire the Pokemon. As an illustration, the chance of coming across a Furfrou in the wild is currently increased, and it is also obtainable through the successful completion of specific Field Research and Timed Research assignments associated with Fashion Week.


What should I use against fashion challenger?

The most effective strategies to beat Pokemon Go’s Fashion Challengers

If you’re going up against a Cool Challenger, make sure to bring along a Pokemon of the Dark, Electric, Ghost, or Grass type to take care of Frillish, and make sure to bring along a Pokemon of the Flying, Ground, or Psychic type to take care of Croagunk.

How many tasks do you need for Pokémon Fashion Week?

Participating in the Fashion Week Field Research, of which there are a total of 11 assignments, is one of the ways in which players can obtain their very own copy of the Gen 7 Pokemon that is currently available.

Can the fashion Pokémon be shiny?

In Fashion Week 2022: Costumed Butterfree, the following is a list of all of the Pokemon whose shiny forms can be obtained through encounters with wild Pokémon. Croagunk donning a costume Costumed Blitzle.