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How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop


This article will walk you through the steps of accessing, reading, and responding to direct messages on your Instagram account when you are using the desktop version of Instagram. The time has come, so without further ado, let’s get this show on the road and get this party started:

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How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop

You can also check your direct messages using Instagram on a web browser. This option is available to you. You have the choice to go in this direction. You have the option to proceed in the given course of action.

1. You will be able to accomplish this by going to the official website for Instagram and logging in there. This can be done by clicking here.

2. Pick the icon that looks like a person holding a phone and chatting to someone else.

How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop

3. The left pane of the user interface is where the conversations in which you are currently participating may be found displayed. Simply clicking on the conversation will cause the chat to open up in the pane that is located on the right side of the screen.

How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop

4. In the box labelled “Message,” it would be helpful if you could type your message. You can insert an emoji into your message by selecting the icon that is shaped like a happy face. This will allow you to add an emoji.

How to Check Instagram Messages on the Desktop


Why can’t I see Instagram messages on my computer?

Despite the fact that Instagram is primarily a social network for visual material, with a concentration on images and videos, However, in the year 2022, it has evolved into a useful messenger that enables users to connect with one another. Despite this, Instagram does not officially offer a version of its programme that can be used on a computer. The engineers concentrated on enhancing the functionality of the mobile version.

Is there a Instagram Messenger?

You can connect with friends who use both Facebook and Instagram in new ways by using the Messenger features that are available on Instagram. All of these new messaging features, including the ability to swipe to respond to messages, react with any emoji you want, and chat with friends who use Facebook, will be accessible without ever having to leave Instagram.

Can you see Instagram DM messages?

Tap the icon located in the top right corner of the direct message chat window after selecting the desired discussion to view. Choose the option labelled “Search in conversation,” type your search term into the box that then appears, and press the “search” button on your keyboard. Examine the results of the search to find the message you are looking for.

How do I react to an Instagram message?

To respond to a direct message on Instagram, tap and hold the message, then select one of the available reactions, such as a thumbs up, a laughing-crying face, a sad face, an angry face, or a smiling face with tears rolling down its cheeks. Tap the plus sign (+) for additional emoji reaction options that are popular on social media.