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How to Beat the Last Boss in Hades


When attempting to leave the Underworld in Hades, players will face a wide variety of adversaries along the way. Everything, starting with louts and going all the way up to Brightswords, becomes progressively more challenging. The same is true for the bosses; players who have already vanquished Megaera, the Bone Hydra, Theseus and Asterius, and will likely feel unstoppable until they face the ultimate boss, who is none other than the King of the Underworld himself. Players of Hades who find that REDACTED is consistently eliminating them may discover that they require some assistance in order to prevail in the game’s final boss encounter. In this tutorial, you will learn how to defeat the Last Boss in Hades by following these steps:

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How to Beat the Last Boss in Hades

He possesses the same set of moves as the previous Hades bosses. However, the strategy for taking him on will vary greatly depending on the player’s build. This boss encounter has two primary phases, and Hades has three different moves to watch out for in each. He can also become invisible if Zagreus casts him.

How to Beat the Last Boss in Hades

In the initial stage, Hades needs to worry about three attacks. He can toss a skull at Zagreus or rush at him with his spear, both in Theseus’ spear spin style. Lunging only requires players to sidestep, but timing is crucial. Due to the wide area the spin attack covers, dodging through it rather than attempting to avoid it is usually the best course of action. Last, the skull cast will home ever-so-slightly, although it is easily avoided. When it reaches the ground, it will sit there before exploding if Zagreus doesn’t break it. Hades will put up a shield and call for help when his health drops below 50% or 20%.

These can be disregarded, as they will vanish once phase two begins, though particular foes may be troublesome enough to warrant elimination. Hades will get up once again once his health bar has been depleted to its minimum, at this point, the second phase will begin. Hades now has a double swipe with his spear, which he links into the spin, in addition to the three attacks already described. Hades occasionally uses the Brimstone attack, in which he fires lasers toward Zagreus. You can avoid this early in the fight by moving behind him, but once your health bar drops below half, they will fire in all directions. You can avoid getting hit by the beams by hiding behind a column or climbing directly onto Hades.

How to Beat the Last Boss in Hades

Last but not least, he’ll call forth shattered vases to snag Zagreus. It will take courage and drive to defeat Hades, but doing so will unlock many gaming features. You’ll be able to use the Pact of Punishment, gain access to Erebus, learn more about Hades’ fantastic backstory, and access some potent weapon upgrades. The best way to ensure victory in this battle is to be prepared to employ Death Defiance at any moment.


Is Hades the final boss Hades?

Defeating Hades himself is the objective of this boss walkthrough. The ultimate adversary you will face in Hades is called Hades. After you have successfully diverted Cerberus’ attention, you can find him in the final location of the Temple of Styx level.

What is the best weapon to beat Hades final boss?

When you initially enter Hades, you will be able to access the Stygian Blade. It is rather reliable, in that it deals constant damage and has a great degree of control in terms of how you want to attack your opponent; nevertheless, two of its forms stand head and shoulders above the rest of its incarnations.

How hard is the final boss Hades?

Even though this is by far the most challenging boss fight in Hades, it is not impossible to win if you put in the effort to learn its patterns and are skilled enough.

Does Hades have 3 phases?

Both of Hades’ phases have their own unique sets of attacks and abilities when they are active. If Zagreus uses a Call during the first phase, it will cause him to vanish and then resurface, erasing any status effects that were in effect.

Is Hades evil in Hades?

In spite of the fact that many Hollywood depictions try to give the impression otherwise, Hades is never the antagonist in any Greek myth. On the other hand, Hades is helpful to heroes when they seek assistance from him. Hercules is tasked with bringing Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of Hades, into the world of the living as one of the Twelve Labors he must do.