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How To Fix Controller Drift On Xbox One & Series X/S


In the case of the Xbox One and Series X/S, analogue stick drift on the left or right analogue stick might appear to be the most irritating item to correct if you are out of warranty. Ever while you can pry open the controller to make the necessary repairs, there are certain things you can do to resolve the situation without even opening your controller. Using this method is advantageous even if your controller is still under warranty and you do not want to wait for it to be replaced until a new one arrives from the repair facility. As a result, we’ll look at how to correct Xbox controller drift without having to open the console.

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How to Fix Controller Drift on Xbox One and Series X/S Without Opening Them?

You may use cotton swabs to massage isopropyl alcohol over the rounded surface of the left or right analogue stick of the Xbox One and Series X/S controllers without having to open them. After that, set it aside for 30 seconds and repeat the process 3-4 times, and your Xbox controller drift should be resolved at this point. This strategy will be effective for almost 85-90 percent of all people who are experiencing this problem. You may learn more about this procedure in detail by reading the following:

1. To begin, you will require the following items:

  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (70 percent)
  • 3-4 Cotton Swabs (optional)

2. Take the batteries out of your Xbox controller and set them aside.

3. If you’re using an Xbox Elite controller, ensure sure the controller is turned off before continuing.

4. Apply some isopropyl alcohol to the tip of a cotton swab and rub it in.

5. Make careful to use a generous amount and to let the cotton to absorb the entire amount.

6. When dealing with the drift issue, move the analogue stick to the left or right.

7. Rubbing the isopropyl alcohol into the rounded surface with the cotton tip is recommended.

8. Make sure that the isopropyl alcohol reaches all the way to the base of the analogue stick’s whole length.

9. Keep the controller aside for 30-40 seconds at this point.

10. Repeat the procedure with a new cotton swab to complete the job.

11. Avoid reusing the old one in order to avoid reintroducing minute dust particles.

12. Continue this procedure with three or four cotton changes, allowing the controller to rest for 30-40 seconds between each swap.

13. Now that you’ve finished, replace your batteries and check your drift status in any of your games.

14. The controller drift issue on Xbox One and Series X/S should be resolved at this point in time.

15. If you are still experiencing difficulties now or in the future, repeat the procedure.

Video to Fix Controller Drift on Xbox One and Series X/S Without Opening Them?


What causes controller drift?

Naturally, the most typical reason why controllers experience drift at some point is because they are subject to wear and tear over time. Consider the DualSense, for instance. The joystick component, which is responsible for the lifetime of your controller as well as the prevention of drift, has a working life of about 2 million input cycle.

Is controller drift fixable?

Because one or both thumb sticks will move in an unwanted direction even when you are not touching them, this phenomenon is known as controller drift or analogue stick drift. It is necessary to disassemble the controller and repair or replace one or more components associated with the analogue sticks in order to correct controller drift on the Xbox One.