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How to Build A Bridge in Animal Crossing


Players who log in for the first time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will discover that their new island home is substantially less developed than the islands in previous Animal Crossing games. By default, the island does not contain any bridges or stairs. There are, of course, ways to cross rivers that do not need the use of bridges; but, having a bridge on one’s island is not only practical but also quite appealing to the eye as an architectural feature.

After the option to build numerous bridges is unlocked, there are a total of eight distinct types of bridges, each of which has a unique cost. The only bridge that may be used until then is the log bridge, which can be gained on Day 4 at the earliest possible point in time.

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The First Bridge

Talking to Tom Nook after constructing Nook’s Cranny on a player’s island will reveal to them that they will be getting three new neighbours in the not-too-distant future. This information will be provided after the player has completed the construction of Nook’s Cranny. After that, Tom Nook will charge the players with building a Log Bridge, which requires four log posts, four clay, and four stones to complete.

Players should now be familiar with the technique for building log stakes, which requires the use of three different pieces of wood for each log stake. In the same way that stones and other kinds of rocks can be produced through chipping away at enormous rocks, clay can also be obtained through this method. Players have some flexibility in terms of where on the rivers they may install the bridge once they have constructed the bridge construction kit, despite the fact that there are some limits in place. The following day will see the beginning of the construction of the bridge.

How to Build A Bridge in Animal Crossing

Building More Bridges

The player will be able to interact with the island’s infrastructure once Residential Services has been updated and they have access to Isabelle. Prior to this, the player will not have this power. On the other hand, in contrast to the previous bridge, this one will cost players a significant amount of bells while at the same time not requiring any crafting materials. However, similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the funding for these bridges comes from donations made by the community.

Players can construct a bridge by speaking with Tom Nook of the Residential Services department and selecting the “Let’s talk infrastructure” option from the menu. From that point on, players have the option of selecting whatever bridge they want to construct as well as where they want to position it. They can only be built in the same locations as the original bridge did, which is where there is an equal quantity of land on both sides of the river. After everything has been set up, the donation gyroid named Lloyd will be standing next to the construction kit so that players can contribute to the fund for the bridge. After all of the necessary funds have been raised, the players will have to wait one day for the bridge to be built.

How to Build A Bridge in Animal Crossing

Bridge Types

The types of bridges and their prices are as follows:

  • Log Bridge – 98,000 Bells
  • Suspension Bridge – 129,800 Bells
  • Wooden Bridge – 168,000 Bells
  • Stone Bridge – 168,000 Bells
  • Brick Bridge – 198,000 Bells
  • Iron Bridge – 228,000 Bells
  • Zen Bridge – 228,000 Bells
  • Red Zen Bridge – 228,000 Bells


Why won’t Animal Crossing Let me build a bridge?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you won’t be able to construct a bridge until after you’ve finished both the Nook’s Cranny shop and the Museum. Until then, you won’t have the necessary materials. You should also go on a Mystery Island Tour so that you can meet a new inhabitant and invite them into town. This can be done by following the instructions in the previous sentence.

Bridges have a width of 4 spaces and can be constructed across a depth of 3-5 spaces of water. In order to construct a bridge, you will require an area of water of at least 4 by 3 metres. There is also the possibility of constructing a bridge over a river that is as wide as 5 spaces.

How do you get a vaulting pole in Animal Crossing?

You will need to have a conversation with Blathers in order to acquire this item. Blathers won’t become available to you until after you have begun the process of constructing the Museum on the island. Talk to Blathers when the construction of the museum is complete, and he will provide you with the formula for the Vaulting Pole. The reason for this is that Blathers wants you to collect fossils for his collection.

Why can’t I cross the river in Animal Crossing?

In the beginning stages of the game, the majority of your uninhabited island will be inaccessible due to rivers that are too dangerous to cross. You won’t be able to construct bridges across these rivers until quite a bit later, so you’ll have to use the Vaulting Pole to go across them until then. If you have the Vaulting Pole, you won’t need any bridges to get over these rivers because you can just leap right over them.

What happens if you bury a stone in Animal Crossing?

This will result in the rock being broken into pieces, which will provide you with additional resources in exchange for your effort. Following the passage of a few days, the rock will resurface on your island in a different location.