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How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku


CNBC All Access has been replaced by a new streaming device called Paramount+. This was first introduced in the year 2014. It is available in every country in the world. Additionally, this is available for free, however it contains limited material. It also provides you with subscription deals, which you can take advantage of in order to watch the video content on it. There are two distinct subscription plans available for the Paramount plus. An ad-supported plan is available for $5 per month ($50 per year), while an ad-free premium plan is available for $10 per month ($100 per year). It is preferable to terminate your Paramount Plus subscription if you are no longer using the service on a regular basis. The following are the many methods for cancelling Paramount Plus on Roku.

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How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku?

You have the option to terminate your membership to this television service at any time and from any location. If you want to know how to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku, there are two distinct ways to find out.

  • Using Roku device
  • Using Roku website

Cancel using Roku device

Using this method, you can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription if you have subscribed to the service through your Roku device or through the Paramount Plus website.

1. To begin watching Roku TV, press the Home button on the remote control.

2. From the menu bar, select the Paramount+ channel to begin.

3. The (*) button on the Roku remote control must be pressed a total of three times.

4. The Manage subscription option can be found in the drop-down menu.

5. From the drop-down menu, choose Cancel subscription from the list of options.

6. To ensure that the cancellation is finalized, click on Cancel subscription a second time.

Your subscription to Paramount+ has been successfully cancelled through the usage of a Roku device, which you purchased.

Cancel using Roku website

You can also cancel your subscription by visiting the Roku website.

1. To begin, go to the Roku website and sign in with your existing Roku account information.

2. From the drop-down menu that appears after logging in, click Manage Account >> Manage your membership.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Paramount+ TV and then click the Unsubscribe option to cancel your subscription.

4. Choosing Yes, Unsubscribe from the drop-down menu will complete the cancellation procedure.

Yay! You should now be aware of the steps necessary to cancel your Paramount+ membership.



How can I cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone?

To begin, go to the settings app and enter your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page before selecting the subscription tile from the drop-down menu. Then navigate to the Active area, where you can cancel your subscription by selecting Paramount Plus and selecting Confirm.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on the app?

To begin, log into the Paramount Plus application and navigate to the account settings section, then to the manage subscription section of the application. Then select Cancel Subscription from the End Subscription drop-down menu to remove Cancel Paramount Plus from the app.