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How to Catch Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go


For a limited time only, players of Pokémon Go will have the opportunity to capture shadow Latios. There is a particular strategy to follow in order to capture this Pokémon, and you need to make sure you can do it before it is gone forever. In the event that you are unable to obtain this Pokémon, you will likely have to attend yet another special event in order for it to show up; however, legendary shadow Pokémon are extremely uncommon. In this article, we are going to explain the various methods that may be used in Pokémon Go to capture a shadow Latios.

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How to Catch Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go

The first thing you need to do is finish the research that Team GO Rocket started. The research being conducted by Team GO Rocket in Pokémon Go can be broken down into six stages:

  1. You must emerge victorious from a raid, dispatch of three members of Team GO Rocket, and capture a Shadow Pokémon.
  2. You must fight five members of Team GO Rocket Grunts, catch five Shadow Pokémon, and throw three beautiful curveballs.
  3. Earn three candies by walking your Buddy, purge five Shadow Pokémon, and win five battles against Team GO Rocket Grunts.
  4. Take down the commander of Team GO Rocket Arlo, then take down the leader of Team GO Rocket Cliff, and finally take down the head of Team GO Rocket Sierra.
  5. Locate the Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni, engage him in combat, and defeat him. During this phase of the research, Shadow Latios are available for capture.
  6. Redeem your earned experience points.

Despite the fact that Shadow Latios is not stated as a prize for completing these field research activities, players will be able to battle Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go if they are successful in defeating Giovanni. The duel with Giovanni is going to be challenging because he starts off with Persian and Shadow Latios, and then either Nidoking, Machamp, or Rhyperior. Players who want to defeat Shadow Latios in battle should use a Pokémon of one of the following types: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ict. This is because Shadow Latios is susceptible to attacks from these types.

How to Catch Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go

After Giovanni has been vanquished, the players will each receive a number of white Premier Balls commensurate with how well they played in the battle. The player has the potential to earn up to seven Premier Balls, but they will lose one ball for every Pokémon that loses consciousness while they are in combat. Shadow Pokémon are more difficult to catch than regular Pokémon because they move around a lot and attack the plater; use a Pokémon Go Nanab Berry to calm Shadow Latios down, then try to get Nice, Great, or Excellent throws. Shadow Pokémon are more difficult to catch than normal Pokémon because they move around a lot and attack the plater. The players will not be able to capture Shadow Latios from Team GO Rocket Leader Giovanni if they are unable to accomplish it with the Premier Balls or if they run out of Balls. Shadow Latios can only be captured using Premier Balls.


Is Shadow Latios rare in Pokémon Go?

Due to the fact that there are now only a finite number of Shadow Pokémon available in the game, this is an extremely unusual occurrence. On the other hand, you might be able to include a Shadow Legendary in your squad if you prove to be a worthy adversary to Team GO Rocket.

Should I purify Shadow Latios?

Players have the option to keep their Shadow Pokemon even if they purify them after catching them, despite the fact that purification may seem like the most logical thing to do in this situation.

How long will shadow Latios be available?

Users will also receive a new Giovanni Special Research after the event, which will allow them to rescue Shadow Latios. The event will last for two days. Claim rights to the Special Research will be open until the conclusion of Season of GO on September 1, 2022, at 10:00 am local time.

Does Giovanni have shadow Latias?

In order for trainers to successfully catch Giovanni, they will need to utilise a Rocket Radar to locate him. In Pokémon Go, Giovanni has reemerged with a Shadow Latias in tow. The opportunity to capture it will present itself to the trainers if they are successful in defeating him.

Which Shadow Pokémon is best?

Even after Niantic’s adjustment, Shadow Mewtwo is without a doubt the finest Shadow Pokemon to utilise in Raids. It boasts the highest Attack stat (300), making it the ideal choice for taking on even the toughest foes. But that’s not all; Shadow Mewtwo is also capable of learning nearly every type-specific move there is, from Thunderbolt to Hyper Beam.