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How to Get into the Control Room in Stray


Stray features twelve action-packed chapters of cat-themed exploration as you make your way to the Outside of the city. The orange tabby cat and B-12 have reached the final stage of their journey through Control Room as they get closer to Outside. After turning on the electricity to the subway and boarding the train, you will eventually arrive in the Control Room. This is the location where B-12 unearths the final piece of his core memory. However, there are a few things that need to be completed before you can go outside. So, as promised, here is our walkthrough for entering a Control Room in Stray.

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How to Get into the Control Room in Stray

The following instructions are intended for those players who have been unsuccessful in entering the Control Room:

  • Take the stairs up to the Control Room as you and B-12 arrive at the Control Room from the Subway.
  • You are going to come upon a gate that is labelled Control Room. However, you and B-12 will need to find a way to break into the Room.
  • You will find a Robotic Box that already have a Follow protocol integrated into it. Engage in conversation with the Box in order to power it up.
  • You need to direct it so that it follows the path that is to the left of the gate that is located below the Control Panel.
    Repeat your previous actions with the box in order to turn off the light.
  • Check the lock that is located to the right of the gate now that the Control Panel has been locked.

How to Get into the Control Room in Stray

  • The Panel will become unsealed and unlock itself upon your interaction with the lock on it.
  • Now, in order to unlock the Gate, you need to climb the Robotic box and scratch the wires.

How to Get into the Control Room in Stray


How do you open the gate in Stray?

To position the box underneath the second control panel, which is located on the left side of the door, go closer to that panel. Start by interacting with the right panel, then hop onto the box; this will cause the stray cat to start scratching the panel on the left, which will eventually unlock the door.

Is there an after credits scene in Stray?

Stray does not include a final act that is left open-ended like many other modern video games, thus you won’t be able to continue playing the game after the main story has been completed. The end of the game comes when the credits are displayed on the screen.

What is the door code in Stray?

The Secret of the Flat Door Code

To illuminate the area around the drone, turn on its flashlight. On the left, some red text is obscured by a whiteboard that is perched atop shelving and is surrounded by bottles. When you finally put your divine cat skills to work and start knocking objects off of ledges, you’ll discover that the combination to the door is 3748.

Is B-12 alive Stray game?

It would appear that the drone was once a human scientist who was present during the pandemic that wiped off the human species. He attempted to transfer his consciousness into a robot body, but a glitch prevented him from doing so, leaving him in a state of electronic limbo. However, the participation of the cat was essential in the scientist’s success in acquiring B-12, the body of the drone. B-12 comes to the conclusion that he is the only human being still alive.

Does Stray save when you quit?

Because there is no option to save your progress manually in Stray, it is recommended that you exit the game whenever you move to a new location or begin a new chapter. You can also leave the game at any point, including after you have died or when you have completed a cutscene.