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How to Change Pot Size in Hogwarts Legacy


The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy is a convenient location to visit for a variety of activities, including the creation of potions, the upgrading of equipment, and the passing of time while decorating the place. You will find, however, that some of the materials for making potions require the use of medium and big plant pots rather than little ones as you cultivate them. Even though you begin with a table and a small pot, it is essential to discover how to obtain other sizes so that you can cultivate a greater number of plants. Hogwarts Legacy’s pot size may be adjusted, and this article will explain how to do that. So let’s get started:

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How to Change Pot Size in Hogwarts Legacy

If you start a new game of Hogwarts Legacy and go to Hogsmeade for the first time, you’ll see that there are various businesses there, including one called Tomes and Scrolls. You will receive a free potting table along with a mini pot and a potion station in this location. Move forward in time to the point where you have unlocked the Room of Requirement. At this point, you will have access to the conjuring spell, which will permit you to position this furniture anywhere within the room. In later levels, you will learn additional spells that give you the ability to change and remove items from the room. Despite this, modifying the potting table will not affect the size of the pots.

How to Change Pot Size in Hogwarts Legacy

You will find a wide variety of alternatives for various sorts of potion stations and potting tables in the list of conjuration spellcrafts that the shop carries. There are a variety of alternatives available, ranging from an expensive T-shaped potion station to potting tables with five individual pots. In this grouping you’ll also find potting tables stocked with both medium and big containers. Just make sure that you have enough money saved up to pay for the ones you require!

How to Change Pot Size in Hogwarts Legacy

If you make the investment in these spellcrafts, you will be able to access them via the conjuration menu that is located within the Room of Requirement. Navigate to the menu, set your place at the table, and get to work sowing some seeds!


What happens if pot is too big?

Compare and contrast large potted plants with smaller potted plants.

The soil will dry out more slowly in a container that is too large, which will make your plant more prone to root rot. When a plant outgrows the container it is being grown in, it has a greater risk of toppling over. Because the soil will dry out so rapidly in a container that is too small, you will have a difficult time watering it regularly enough.

How many pot sizes to go up?

Be careful not to be overly generous. Stick to the rule of thumb of only potting into a slightly larger pot, and don’t jump into one that is much bigger than the one you’re currently in. This typically refers to a container that is 2.5–5 centimeters (1-2 inches) bigger in diameter than the previous container, but not significantly deeper (be careful when potting into deep pots such as ‘long toms’).

Why is pot size important?

The rooting volume of the plants will change depending on the size of the container, which will have a significant impact on the plant’s growth. When it comes to maximizing the efficiency of their production area, transplant manufacturers place a significant emphasis on the container size.

Can I change my gender in Hogwarts mystery?

Go to the Loadouts window and select a loadout for which you want to edit the gender setting. This will allow you to change the gender of your character.

Can you have a girlfriend in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy does not feature any romantic elements, which is a shame for all of you hopeless romantics out there. The plot does not delve into the world of teenage romance at any point. Moira Squier, the narrative lead for the game, had the following to say about the topic during a conversation she had with GamePro: “We made a conscious decision not to [include romance].