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How to Change Your Bungie Name in Destiny 2


Although some users may be accustomed to often switching their names, Bungie has now locked each player’s name to what it appeared as in the game’s most recent save file. Thank goodness, everyone has the opportunity to modify their Bungie Name once. When you utilise this, there will be no further opportunities to make modifications. If you’ve been playing about with Steam’s user name altering features and have ended up with a gamertag that you don’t like, here’s how to change it back.

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How to Change Your Bungie Name in Destiny 2

Each and every player is permitted to make one change to their Bungie Name. Choose very carefully, since after you utilise this one opportunity to change your name, you won’t have another chance to do so for a very long time. Unless you create an entirely new account, you will continue to use the same Bungie Name for the rest of your life. The following are the actions you need to do in order to alter your screen name:

  • You can access your account by going to and signing in there.
  • After clicking the player icon, continue. Settings

How to Change Your Bungie Name in Destiny 2

  • Navigate to the Identity Settings menu.
  • Enter new name in Bungie Name

How to Change Your Bungie Name in Destiny 2

Simply hit the “save” button following the addition of your new Bungie Name, and it will become permanent. When you next login in to Destiny 2, you will notice that this change has been made.

Choosing a new name can be an anxious time for some people. This holds especially true in situations in which players only have a single opportunity to get it correctly. On the other hand, if you’ve been using meme names with Steam’s edit profile name tool (shout out to everyone whose name contains the word “Adept”), you can end up with a name that you’d prefer not have. Take some time to think about your new name; Bungie even provides some suggestions for you to consider.

The process of changing your Bungie Name is simple, however you are only allowed to do it once. The procedure is irreversible, and there is no word yet on whether or not Bungie will allow gamers to modify it again in the future.


Why can’t I change my Bungie name Destiny 2?

Regrettably, we can only provide information about one name change at this time. Once you have utilised the one-time name change that is provided, you are unable to change it again until Bungie makes it possible to do so. This holds true even if the name was changed inadvertently or through some other means that were not intended, or if you want the previous name back.

Can you change your Destiny 2 Display name?

Navigate to Sign in using the account you created for Destiny 2 here. After the user has logged into the website, they will get a notification informing them that they have the opportunity to make one modification to their username. If you want to alter your nickname, click on the prompt that appears, and you’ll be taken to a website where you can make the change.

Why can’t I edit my Bungie display name?

These are set in stone and cannot be modified at this time (please note the difference between platform names and Bungie names). Given that your name is Guardian, it is highly likely that it was considered unsuitable or that it breached some guidelines. In a nutshell, name modifications will be made available at a later date; however, names cannot be altered at this moment.

Why is my name Guardian Destiny 2?

Because your display name does not contain any legal characters, you were unable to sign in to D2 on Steam when you first tried. In a later patch, we will make it possible to modify your Bungie name.