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How To Clean A Motherboard


Being a responsible computer user involves maintaining a clean motherboard, which is an essential component of that role. Your motherboard includes a wide variety of ports and modules in its design. It also carries out a multitude of operations, each one of which may be hampered if it were to become too dirty.

Due to the fact that dust and debris can create an increase in temperature on the motherboard, they have the potential to disrupt the connections to the motherboard and even prevent your computer from functioning.

Everyone should add a regular cleaning of their motherboard — as well as the rest of their computer components — on their to-do list of duties. Having said that, there are certain folks who will require more extensive cleaning of their motherboard before it can function properly.

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How To Clean A Motherboard

If you have never cleaned a motherboard before, you need to approach the process with a very cautious mindset. Because motherboards are so delicate, even the slightest misstep might cause irreparable damage to the device and render it useless in the future.

A mother board can be cleaned in primarily two ways: the first is the routine cleaning, and the second is the deep cleaning.

You need to make sure that you clean your computer on a regular basis as part of the normal maintenance programme you create for it. No special equipment is required, and the motherboard of your computer does not need to be removed in order to complete the task. The vast majority of users only need to perform this one type of cleaning on their motherboard.

When it comes to thorough cleaning, alcohol and extreme caution are both required. When the motherboard has been exposed to a dirty environment or if something has been spilled on it, this kind of cleaning is required to restore its original condition. If you don’t perform it correctly, you could end up damaging the motherboard.

As a point of perspective, the only time I’ve been required to perform a comprehensive clean on a motherboard was when we purchased a possibly broken motherboard for a test build that had visible dirt on it. In spite of the fact that my family uses three computers on a daily basis, the motherboards that we bought brand new for them have never required extensive cleaning.

Routine Cleaning

Make use of compressed air and a very soft brush in order to undertake routine maintenance cleaning on your motherboard. Before you begin, turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall by flipping the power supply switch. Since dust will be blown out of the computer, you want to make sure that it is located in a location that is simple to clean.

  • Release the latch on the computer’s side panel. Remove all of the panels if there are more than one of them. It is important to leave some room for the dust to escape the machine.

  • To clean the machine and get rid of the dust, use a can of compressed air and spray it all over the different parts of the machine. Your starting position will be different based on how your machine was first configured. Due to the fact that dust will fall and accumulate on lower components as you work, it is best to begin at the highest point and work your way down.

  • When you’re working on your motherboard, make sure to approach it from the back of the case to the front. It is important to keep the nozzle of the compressed air can from coming into close contact with your motherboard.
  • Maintain a distance of roughly an inch between it and the motherboard. Keep using the compressed air on the motherboard until all of the dust that can be moved has been removed.
  • Carry on with the process of blowing compressed air into the case and onto the components until the case is completely clean of any loose dust.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the motherboard to see whether or not dust remains on it. Certain spots may be difficult to reach, or there may be dust that has become attached to the surface that you want to remove.

  • Make careful passes over the motherboard with the soft brush to loosen and remove any dust that may be adhered there.
  • Repeat the process of using compressed air to blow across the computer and all of its components, including the motherboard, in order to blow away any dust that may have been stirred up by the brush.
  • Close your computer and reopen it in the same manner as before.

When you are cleaning the motherboard of your computer, it is an excellent time to perform additional maintenance tasks on the computer. You may take the case fans out, clean them, and then put them back in. You could examine your wiring for any loose connections or tidy up any overlapping cables if there are any.

This method of cleaning your motherboard should be done at least once every three months for the best results in maintaining its functionality. Eliminating dust from the component will also prevent it from overheating, which will result in improved performance.

Maintain a close check on both the mother board and the interior of your case to decide how frequently you should clean your computer. Depending on where in the room a particular computer is situated, dust may accumulate on it more quickly than on other PCs.

Warnings Before You Clean A Motherboard

Before you thoroughly clean your motherboard, you should make sure it works first. If everything is working properly and there isn’t any apparent debris, it’s possible that it won’t be necessary.

Always use isopropyl alcohol that has a purity level of 99 percent. Your motherboard will benefit more from it if it is of a higher purity. Under no circumstances should you even consider using any other liquid to attempt to clean it. Even while it may be difficult to track down 99 percent, anything less than that won’t operate as well and has a greater risk of inflicting damage. The higher the purity, the lower the percentage of water that is included in the mixture.

Before attempting to apply isopropyl alcohol to your motherboard, it is recommended that you get in touch with the firm that issued your motherboard’s warranty in the event that the warranty is still active. It’s possible that they provide complimentary expert cleaning services. At the very least, they should be able to tell you whether or not your actions will render the warranty null and void.

Even if you are using isopropyl alcohol, getting your motherboard wet can cause it to cease functioning properly. Only highly unclean motherboards that will not function properly in any other state should be cleaned using the deep cleaning approach. When working with significant quantities of isopropyl alcohol, it is important to protect your hands and eyes with protective gear. Be sure that the space you are working in has adequate ventilation.