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How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ring


The final obstacle that the Tarnished must overcome in the Mountaintops of the Giants before lighting fire to the Erdtree is one of the most memorable main plot bosses in Elden Ring. It is necessary for the player to travel along the frozen lake and up onto the higher plateaus in the southern region of the mountaintops in order to reach the Fire Giant.

A vast valley will be directly adjacent to the Forge of the Giants, which is where the Fire Giant will be located. This gigantic beast has been cursed by Queen Marika herself, and as a result, it is probably quite angry. In order to fight him, the Tarnished will need to keep moving at all times and use his massive size against him.

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How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ring

Fire Giant’s Move Set

The Fire Giant possesses a number of benefits, most of which contribute to the fact that he is able to finally smash any Tarnished that attempts to get too close to him. A significant portion of his strikes, much like the Elden Beast’s, put distance between themselves and the player. This places him in a position to use his ranged attacks, which are responsible for a significant amount of damage. In his first and second phases, he will use all of these assaults, so be on the lookout for them.

Phase One

How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ring

  • Stomp- If the Tarnished aren’t careful, they’ll get crushed under the Fire Giant’s stomping feet. When the Giant raises a foot to stomp, the player need only duck out of the way or quickly escape on Torrent.
  • Plate Swing- Using the large plate he carries, the Fire Giant will swing at any Tarnished who are in moderate and long range from him; he may even attempt a second swing. This strike completely incapacitates the player with a single hit, making the use of Torrent in the initial phase a high-risk endeavour. A better counter is to use invulnerability frames to avoid getting hit while dodging the attacker’s swing.
  • Avalanche- The Fire Giant will launch snowballs at the player in an area-of-effect fashion using his huge plate. If you want to stop the Giant from burying his plate in the snow, all you have to do is stand behind him. If the Tarnished, however, are too far away to make this possible, they can use Torrent to travel to a safe location distant from the predicted snowfall.
  • Jump Smash- When the Tarnished come close, the Fire Giant will leap into the air and slam his plate down on them. To avoid damage, the player can employ the same tactics as when facing a Stomp assault, including riding away or dodging through the blow.
  • Flame Blast- The Fire Giant can utilise this attack during either of his phases. The giant fires a fast-moving missile towards the player, which can be avoided. Staying near to the Giant will decrease the frequency with which he utilises this assault.
  • Flame of the Fell God- The Fire Giant can utilise this attack during either the first or second phase (although in the second phase two are spawned). A slow-moving fireball will approach the player, erupt when close enough, and cover everything in flames. If the player directs the fireball’s explosion in a different direction than where the Giant can cause extra damage, the Giant’s field of fire will be diverted away from the player’s strike.

Phase Two

How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ring

The second phase sees the Fire Giant amputate his own leg, awakening the Fell God within him and giving him a terrifying third eye in exchange for increased damage and deadly area-of-effect assaults, but at the cost of mobility. In order to swiftly dodge these strikes, the player should activate Torrent.

  • Swipe- The Tarnished can easily evade the Fire Giant’s swipe in front of him by positioning themselves behind the monster.
  • Volcano- By leaning back and hurling volcanic rocks into the air like a volcano, the Giant may perform his most devastating strike. You can only stop this attack from harming you if you use Torrent to get out of the way and then quickly return, as the attackers will likely use ranged weapons again.
  • Burning Field- The Fire Giant’s handslamming the earth around him to create a scorching field is the second problematic AOE attack in phase two. The safest course of action is to run away with Torrent and lure him to a location where the ground is not on fire.
  • Roll- The Fire Giant uses its most mobile strike yet in phase two by rolling around the battlefield to stomp on the Tarnished. To avoid getting crushed, the player should stay in front of or behind the Giant whenever he rolls, and Torrent can provide some extra speed to help with this.

Melee Strategies

How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ringv

The Tarnished, if he is utilising a Melee build based on Strength or Dexterity, should focus on using Torrent to approach near, dismount, and attack him with invincibility frames. The Tarnished can reduce the Fire Giant’s attacks by staying behind him and whacking at his legs.

For the first part of the fight, the player merely needs to keep targeting his ankles, as they would against many other huge adversaries, to prevent the boss from using his more damaging ranged attacks. Staying in close range with the Giant in his second phase is quite tough due to his many area-of-effect attacks, so using Torrent to gain distance and then swooping in for a quick assault before fleeing is essential.

Ranged Strategies

How To Defeat The Fire Giant in Elden ring

Using spells like Azur Comet, the Tarnished can strike the Giant’s weak places from a farther distance, making this tactic simply a more forgiving variation of the melee method. This will allow the Tarnished additional room to manoeuvre in combat and shield themselves from some of the AOE assaults coming from close range.

These spells, when combined with a strong summon like the Mimic Tear or Black Knife Tiche, can quickly dispose of the behemoth. Although his broader move set makes him more unpredictable in the first phase, the player has a much better chance of defeating him in the second phase when he has significantly less health.


What level should I fight fire giant Elden Ring?

The recommended level for the Fire Giant is somewhere about 85, with fully upgraded weaponry. Because of his position as a late boss in the standard order of Elden Ring bosses, you will require a sufficient number of upgrades to do respectable damage to him. Against the Fire Giant, you should feel confident using any spirit summon that relies on range.

Do you have to fight the fire giant in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Fire Giant Boss

Mountaintops of the Giants is the location of the legendary boss fight against the Fire Giant. This boss is required to be fought. This boss is of the Legendary variety. The foot of the forge is the location of Grace’s closest site.

Can you Scarlet rot the Fire Giant?

Fire Giant deals significant damage, but strengthening your resistance to fire and physical attacks with these talismans will help mitigate some of that damage. The Fire Giant is vulnerable to the effects of both poison and crimson rot.