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How to Delete a Table from a Google Docs


You may discover that deleting some items from a document in Google Docs is not as straightforward as you had anticipated, despite the fact that the platform offers a variety of tools that can be used to add things to a page. You will find that the top menu and the menu that appears when you right-click on many of the various types of media or pieces of content contained in a document contain options that you may use to make modifications.

If you want to know how to remove a table in Google Docs, you will first need to move your mouse cursor inside the table so that you can access a menu that is only accessible under certain circumstances, specifically while the table is active. Only then will you be able to delete the table.

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How to Delete a Table from a Google Docs

It is assumed that you already have a Google Docs document that has a table and that you wish to delete the table in its entirety from the page. The methods in this article will walk you through removing the table from the document. This does not make the table invisible; rather, it deletes the table.

Because of this, you won’t be able to retrieve the table at a later time unless you opt to restore an earlier version of the document that had the table in it. If you are eliminating your table because you need it to be larger, you should probably think about switching to the landscape orientation rather than the portrait position.

Step 1: First, navigate to the document in your Google Drive that contains the table that you want to delete and sign in using your Google account.

Step 2: To pick the table, click anywhere within of it.

How to Delete a Table from a Google Docs

Step 3: At the very top of the window, select the tab labelled “Format.”

How to Delete a Table from a Google Docs

Step 4: After selecting the Table option, choose the Delete table option from the drop-down menu.

How to Delete a Table from a Google Docs

Since you now know how to delete a table in Google Docs, you will be able to remove unwanted tables from documents that you are editing in the future. Additionally, you will be able to delete tables if you were experimenting with them in one of your documents and found that they were not the answer to the problem that you were trying to solve.


How do I edit a table in Google Docs?

Launch Google Docs on your PC and select a file to work on. Move your mouse pointer to the table’s left column. Place the pointing device above Move the mouse cursor until a hand emerges. Simply click on the row, and then either drag it up or down to its new position.

How do you delete cells in Google Docs?

Use the right mouse button to click on a row, column, or cell. Select “Delete row,” “Delete column,” or “Delete cell” from the context-sensitive menu that appears.

How do I delete blank rows in Google Sheets?

Click the right mouse button on any selected row, and then click the Delete Rows (2-1000) or whichever button corresponds to the number of empty rows in your sheet.