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How to Reply on Discord for Desktop


Because of this feature, you are able to directly respond to the comments made by other Discord users, rather than needing to send your response in the same manner as you would any other communication. Your response will even include a link back to the comment you’re responding to, making it simple for anybody to continue following the conversation after it has been started by you. You will also have the option to tag and inform the person to whom you are replying, which is helpful when you are responding to a message that was sent quite some time ago. Using the desktop client, here is how you can respond to messages on Discord:

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How to Reply on Discord for Desktop

This strategy is applicable to both the desktop software version of Discord as well as the web browser version of the service.

1. Once you have Discord open, look for the comment to which you wish to respond.

2. Position your mouse over the comment so that a vertical bar of icons appears to the right of the remark. To respond to a remark, click the arrow icon in this bar. If the arrow is not present, such as when you are responding to your own comment, click the ellipsis icon instead, and then select “Reply” from the drop-down menu that appears.

How to Reply on Discord for Desktop

3. Reply with your typed response. If you are replying to another user, there will be a blue @ sign above the text box that is labelled “On.” If you keep this set to “On,” the person you are replying to will be tagged and alerted of your response. This setting is enabled by default. To disable this feature, click the button.

4. When you’ve finished, use the Enter or Return key to send your message. You may also deactivate the reply by clicking the “X” icon that is located above the text box.

How to Reply on Discord for Desktop

If done properly, your reply will show in the channel, with the message you’re replying to above it.


What does Ctrl R do?

Ctrl+R is a keyboard shortcut that can also be referred to as Control+R, r, and C-r. Its primary purpose is to refresh the page that is currently being viewed in an internet browser.

What is the use of Ctrl M?

To indent a paragraph in Microsoft Word or any other word processing programme, press the Ctrl and M keys simultaneously. This shortcut on the keyboard will continue to indent farther whenever it is pressed more than once. If you wanted to indent the paragraph by three units, for instance, you could press and hold the Ctrl key and then hit M three times.

What are the hidden Easter eggs in Discord?

When the application is opened, a voice will say “Discordo,” which is an easter egg that plays when the programme is opened. To make it work, you need to click the Discord button in the upper left corner 15 times before the voice will start playing. Click the button in the upper left corner of the screen 15 times until the sound of the voice channel disconnecting plays. This will deactivate the easter egg.