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How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram


The Instagram comments section is a wonderful place to start a conversation with other Instagram users who also utilize the platform. You can do anything from expressing your enthusiasm for a specific photo to requesting additional information about a specific piece of material to respond to a comment that another Grammer left; all of these things are possible. The Instagram company recently announced that users can now edit captions on photos and videos. Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the comments left on your post, then click the button with three dots on it. Select “Edit” from the drop-down option and modify your written content. Simply clicking the check mark to save the changes is all required. The most recent information has been added to your comment. You will learn how to delete a comment on Instagram, as well as how to repost an image, by reading the following article:

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How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

On mobile:

1. Launch the Instagram application on your Apple or Google device.

2. Look for the comment that you want to remove and click on it. If you use an iPhone, swipe left on the comment; if you use an Android device, tap and hold the comment.

3. You will notice that two icons have appeared next to your comment, one of which is a white trash can set against either a red or blue background, depending on your mobile device. Tap the icon that looks like a trash can.

How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

4. A confirmation banner in red will display at the top of your screen as soon as your comment has been removed, and the deletion will occur immediately. You may also undelete your remark by tapping on the red banner at the top of the page.

How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

5. To update a remark already posted, tap the text bubble at the bottom of the post and enter the new content there. Once you are satisfied with your written comment, tap the Post button.

How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

On Instagram’s website:

1. Fire up your favourite web browser on your personal computer or Mac, and navigate to

2. If you are not already signed in to your account, enter your details and locate the remark you want to delete.

3. Move your cursor over the comment, then click on the More icon (it looks like three vertical dots), which will display below the post after you do so.

How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

4. In the new window that has been shown, select the Delete option.

How to Delete and Repost a Comment on Instagram

5. To repost a comment that has been modified, type into the section that says “Add a comment…” at the bottom of the photo, add your content, and then click the Post button.


Can you edit a comment on Instagram?

You will not be able to go back and change a comment that you have already placed on Instagram. Nevertheless, you have the option of deleting the Instagram comment and replacing it with a new one. Both the mobile app and the website version of Instagram allow users to delete and then repost comments.

Can you edit a comment on Instagram after posting?

After a remark has been submitted, it is not possible to make any changes to it. However, you have the option to delete it and either rewrite or post the comment again. When you click on one of your posts on Instagram, it will bring up a new screen with the photo as well as all of the comments that have been left on it. You may find the little comment button at the bottom of the comments if you scroll down far enough.

What happens when you delete a comment on Instagram?

When a comment is deleted on Instagram, it is completely removed from the platform. If you have a spammy comment on one of your posts, the spammer will only realize that the comment has been removed if they go back and look for it. Since nobody receives a notification, this is the only way they will know.

Does Instagram notify when you edit a comment?

No. If you change the caption of a post on Instagram, your followers won’t be notified. People are alerted when you begin live streaming and when there are new posts or stories, but this notice is only activated for your account if the user chooses to receive it.

What happens when you delete a comment?

If you delete a comment on Facebook, the comment will be permanently removed, and no one can view it again. The user will be aware that the unfavourable comment has been removed if they go back to view it, but they will not be informed that the comment has been removed. When you ban a user, that user will no longer be able to comment on any of your posts under any circumstances.