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How To Evolve Pancham Into Pangoro in Pokemon Go


Previously, in order to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you had to collect candy from all of the matching Pokemon types across the whole game. However, when new generations of Pokemon were introduced, as well as new game components were implemented, the variety of evolution tactics proliferated.

Following the introduction of the buddy system, a new method of evolution was introduced, which was only available to certain pokemon at the time of its introduction. Pancham, an endearingly fiesty creature, and its far more deadly evolution, Pangoro, are two examples of this type of character.

All of the information you need to know about turning Pancham into Pangoro may be found right here.

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Make Pancham Your Buddy, Then Catch 32 Dark-Type Pokemon

Pancham are Fighting-type Pokemon, however following evolution, Pangoro becomes a dual Fighting/Dark-type Pokemon, known as Pangoro. The evolution procedure requires trainers to catch 32 Evil-type Pokemon while wandering with Pancham as their companion in order to strengthen Pangoro’s manifesting dark side.

Dark-type Pokemon haven’t been particularly common in Pokemon GO since they like to congregate in specific environments. However, you’ll have the most chance looking for them at night or when the game is cloudy. Fortunately, Dark-type spawns were somewhat boosted immediately after the arrival of Pancham and Pangoro in the Luminous Legends event, which was a welcome development. Some Dark-type Pokemon, such as Galarian Zigzagoon, will occur in raids from time to time, while others will be available as field research encounter prizes from time to time as well.

Another method of acquiring Dark-type Pokemon is to capture the Shadow Pokemon from Team GO Rocket Grunts in the game. Whenever you’re in doubt about whether or not the Shadow pokemon is a Dark-type, pay heed to the Grunt’s catchphrase. If they begin the battle with the phrase “Where there is light, there is also shadow,” they will be employing a Pokemon of the Dark type.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for the Fire-type grunts, because they’ll occasionally have a Houndour that you may utilize to your advantage. “Do you have any idea how hot Pokemon fire breath can get?” they ask in their slogan.

Pancham Candy

In and of themselves, candies are a mechanism that has grown from the game’s basic beginnings in 2014. Once upon a time, all you needed was candy to evolve a Pokemon; however, there are now frequently additional criteria, as well as several new ways to earn sweets.

Pancham must collect 50 Pancham candies in order to develop after accompanying you on the required Dark-type hunting expeditions as your companion.

Some of the many ways to earn Pancham candies:

  • Hatching Pancham
  • Walking with a Pancham buddy
  • Using Rare Candies
  • Trading or transferring extra Pancham

Pancham may now be hatched from both normal and strange eggs. Unlike other Eggs, you will not be able to obtain them via spinning Pokestops. When you defeat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra of Team GO Rocket, you will only be rewarded with Strange Eggs as a result of your victory.