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How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop


You will be able to view the messages that you have hidden on Facebook if you complete the steps that are specified on the site and use the link provided. Hidden messages on Facebook are analogous to unsolicited mail in the sense that they are sent to you by someone you do not know. In other words, they are similar to spam. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop

On a desktop computer, the simplest way to review your disguised communications is to use a web browser to locate your Facebook message requests and filtered messages. Checking the desktop version of Facebook for these concealed messages can also be done with the help of the procedures that are listed below.

1. You may start using Messenger by opening Facebook and clicking on the icon that is found in the top right corner of the platform.

How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop

2. Choose the Options option, which is located at the very top of the Messenger menu and is denoted by a three-dot symbol.

How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop

3. Make your selection by selecting the Message Requests option from the menu.

How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop

4. Choose the message from the list of messages to which you wish to answer, and once you have done so, decide whether you wish to delete the request or begin a conversation with the person who sent it.

5. To determine whether or if you have received any spam messages, use the See All option found within Messenger.

How to Find Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop


Can you see secret conversations on Messenger on desktop?

The option that allows you to access your concealed messages is tucked away, but it’s not hard to get there. Open Messenger on your desktop by heading to and clicking the “Open” button. You can access your message requests by clicking the picture of your profile that is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Your active view will now display requests rather than standard messages as a result of this change.

What are keys in secret conversations in Messenger?

The use of a device key in these encrypted chats ensures that the message can only be viewed by the recipient and yourself. You can check the device key to make sure that the messages are encrypted from start to finish, set a timeout to make sure that private messages are removed from the chat, and a lot of other things like that.

How do I recover deleted Facebook messages?

You are unable to retrieve messages from Facebook Messenger that have been deleted; however, there are various solutions you can try. Check to see if the message was archived rather than deleted, or download your Messenger data and go through the report for the message you need to retrieve. You also have the option of asking your contact if they have a copy of the chat, which is another option.

How do I find archived messages on Facebook?

Tap your profile picture and then select Archived Chats from the menu options within the Messenger app. Swipe a message to the left to reveal the Unarchive option. Select Messenger from within a web browser, and then select the option to See all in Messenger. Choose Archived Chats by clicking the menu button with the three dots.

How do I erase Facebook messages?

When using a browser, click Messenger, and then choose the option to See all in Messenger, to erase Facebook messages. Choose a message, then slide the cursor over it while it’s highlighted, and then pick More (the three dots) > Remove. Within the app, tap and hold a message before selecting the Remove option.