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How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft


The Bad Omen is one of the many status effects that can be experienced by players in Minecraft. However, this particular affect stands out as being particularly gloomy. This effect takes place whenever a player takes the life of a patrol commander while assisting an illager patrol, and it might have significant repercussions.

The Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft causes the player to take on the appearance of an illager face with crossed axes below it. This affect stays with the player for one hundred and ten minutes. Illager patrols are common in the Overworld and typically consist of a small group of pillagers led by a patrol captain who is carrying a flag. These patrols may be found all over the map. The player will receive a warning as soon as the patrol captain has been eliminated that the Bad Omen status effect has been transferred to them as of that moment. This indicates that the player has become a target for the inhabitants of the village, and that a raid will immediately begin whenever the player enters a village. The following is a guide on how to get rid of the bad omen in Minecraft.

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How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft

In Minecraft, raids are in-game occurrences in which waves of different sorts of illagers spawn and attack a community. These waves can be of any size. These hostile mobs can present quite the challenge, since they can contain evokers, pillagers, vindicators, and ravagers among their ranks. A totem of undying, the status effect Hero of the Village, and the loot from the illagers are some of the rewards that can be earned by successfully defending the village against the attack. In most cases, the booty from the illagers will consist of crossbows and emeralds. As a result of this impact, the villagers will give the player gifts and provide discounts when they are trading.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft

In this context, the definition of a village in Minecraft refers to an area that contains at least one villager and a bed that has been claimed. In the Java version of the game, the impact of this status effect can be augmented by the execution of numerous patrol captains in a single bloodbath. This not only makes the waves more tough but also adds more waves, but it also raises the number of awards you can earn.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft

Players who do not wish to take part in a raid and/or do not wish to inflict damage on villagers are need to either find a cow or wait the required amount of time before entering a village in order to avoid doing so. Milk is the only thing that can reverse any potion or status condition, and the best way to get it is from cows or their red equivalents, mooshrooms. Milk can be found in large quantities from both of these mobs. After the player has crafted a bucket, they can approach either animal and click on it to draw milk into the bucket, which they can then use. When a player consumes this milk, the Bad Omen condition is removed, and they are once again able to enter communities without triggering raids.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft

A player’s death is the only other option to remove the Bad Omen status from their account. This will undo any status effects that were previously applied, but it is obviously not the best option. It is essential to keep in mind that the aforementioned premise does not apply to raids once they have already commenced. In most cases, the only way for a raid to come to an end is for all of the villager’s beds to be destroyed, for all of the villagers to die, or for all of the villager’s beds to be destroyed. If a player in Minecraft wants to get rid of the Bad Omen, their only choices are to drink a bucket of milk, participate in a raid, or die. There is no other way.

What Does Bad Omen Do? How Long Does it Last?

You didn’t really believe that you were finished dealing with the villager, did you? After all, it is a sign of things to come. The effect of bad omen lasts for one hour and forty minutes (100 minutes), and if you go into a village while it is active, you will trigger a raid.

Additionally, it is possible to stack it. It is possible that the severity of your ill omen will improve if you are successful in eliminating many raid captains. The strength of your bad omen will directly correlate to how challenging the raid spawn will be for you.