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What Are the Best Card Games to Play on Your Computer?


There is lots of choice out there when it comes to online card games. The options include games you can play for free, alone or with friends, and casino card games that give you the chance to wager real money. Here are some of the more popular card games that are available to play on your computer…


A popular casino game that comes in lots of variants, including video poker and Texas hold ‘em, poker is also a great card game to play online. Each of the different types of poker have their own rules. For the commonly played Texas hold ‘em, each player gets dealt two face-down “hole” cards and must make the best poker hand using a combination of their cards and the three community cards. Players get the chance to bet in rounds as each of the community cards is dealt out.


If you’re seeking a simple, free online card game that you can play alone, solitaire is a great choice. Many computers have solitaire installed, while there are websites that offer the game without the need to download software. There are different types of games that are classed as solitaire, including Spider, FreeCell, and versions that use mahjong tiles and dominoes. In the classic online version, the idea is to arrange the cards in descending order, alternating a black-suited card and a red-suited card (or vice versa).


If you’re looking to play a traditional casino card game, baccarat is a great option. The rules might look a little complicated but it’s really quite straightforward to play. Essentially, the aim is to get as close as possible to nine. In baccarat, the player and the dealer each receive two cards. Whichever hand is closer to nine wins. Hands worth over nine are added together, with the first digit dropped. For example, if you’re dealt a nine and a seven, the hand would be worth six. You can play baccarat at Bombay Live Lobby as well as other sites.


Another traditional card game, this is a great option if you would like to take part in a multiplayer game. There are online versions of bridge, which you can play for free and which are set up to allow for social interaction as well as game play. Bridge requires four players, who make up opposing pairs. Players need to master the “language” and rules of bridge. The overall idea is to collect “tricks”, which players compete for in rounds, in which 13 cards are dealt.


The final choice is one of the most popular casino card games. This is a simple game to play. The goal is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over, or “busting out”. In blackjack, you play against the dealer, who also gets dealt two initial cards. The players and dealer request additional cards as they try to get to 21. In blackjack, aces have a value of either one or 11 and “face” cards count as 10. The best hand is a face card and an ace, which total 21.

These are just a few of the card games you can enjoy on your computer, whether you want to wager money at an online casino or just play for fun.