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How to Find Your ‘Liked’ Songs on Spotify


Because there are millions of music available on Spotify, finding a track or two that you enjoy listening to shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you’ve identified a tune that resonates with you, the good news is that it doesn’t have to disappear immediately.

On Spotify, you can indicate that you “Like” a song by clicking the heart icon that is located next to the song’s name. The songs that you have marked as “Likes” are subsequently added to one of two playlists, where they will remain permanently accessible to you. You just need to be aware of where you may locate this playlist.

Here is how to locate both using the desktop app for Spotify available for Mac and PCs, as well as the mobile app available for iPhones and Android devices.

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How to Find your Liked Songs on Spotify using the Desktop App

1. Launch Spotify on your own computer, and if requested, input your login details to gain access to your account.

2. In the sidebar on the left, find the area that is labelled “Your Library,” and then navigate to that section. You need to look for a pick that has the words “Liked Songs” written on it.

3. While you are in the “Playlists” section, scroll all the way down until you see an option named “Liked from Radio.”

4. Click on that option. If you haven’t made frequent use of the radio function, it’s likely that it won’t be here when you next use it.

5. Choose one of these two options in order to find songs that you have marked as “Liked” on your profile.

How to Find your Liked Songs on Spotify using the mobile app

1. On your iPhone or Android device, launch the Spotify app, and if prompted, enter your login details.

2. Navigate to the “Your Library” section by using the toggle switch located at the bottom of the toolbar. It is the option that is situated all the way to the right.

3. Doing so will present you with a list of all of the playlists that you have previously stored. Depending on how far you need to scroll down the page to discover it, you can either select “Liked Songs” at the top of the page or “Liked From Radio” further down the page.



Why can’t I Find My liked songs on Spotify?

It is possible that a user’s internet connection is to blame for those previously downloaded songs continuing to appear in the Liked Songs playlist after they have been deleted. If you decide to increase your internet subscription, you will have the ability to watch all of the songs that are currently included in the playlist of “Songs I Like,” which you have created.

Why did Spotify remove my liked songs?

It’s possible that some songs get re-uploaded from the artists with updated versions, which could be one of the reasons why this happens. In these circumstances, you will need to re-add the songs to the list of music that you like. If this problem occurs with a significant number of songs, please log in to your Account page and navigate to the ‘Apps’ section using the menu on the left side of the page.